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Government Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriage in 6 New States

Government Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

The federal government announced on Saturday that it will recognize same-sex marriage performed in six more states. This allows same-sex couples in these states to be eligible for federal benefits, including Social Security benefits for widows. Couples will also be allowed to file joint income tax returns. Gay marriage performed in Arizona, Alaska, North Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming and West Virginia ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

Hillary Clinton Businesses Dont Create Jobs

During an appearance at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley this week, Hillary Clinton told the crowd at the Park Plaza Hotel that corporations and businesses do not create jobs, seemingly embracing the “You didn’t build that” line of thought used by President Obama and a U.S. senator in the 2012 presidential elections. “Don’t let anybody tell ... Read More »

Media lose interest in Ferguson story after evidence Brown beat up cop

Media lose interest in Ferguson story

While the media has been engaging in virtually non-stop coverage over the riots and protests in Ferguson, Missouri after a police officer shot and killed a African American teenager on Aug. 9, they have now apparently lost interest in the story following new claims that the teen attacked and severely injured the officer. Since the shooting, the narrative has been ... Read More »

Eric Holder says ISIS will be held accountable


Attorney General Eric Holder took the time on Thursday to issue a threat to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Holder vowed to hold the killers of American journalist James Foley accountable for their repugnant actions. “Those who would perpetrate such acts need to understand something. This Justice Department, this Department of Defense, this nation- we have long memories and our reach is very ... Read More »

TSA facing lawsuit over sexual assault allegations

TSA facing lawsuit

The Transportation Security Agency, which has long been the subject of complaints regarding its treatment of passengers passing through airport security, has found itself the subject of a lawsuit by a government watchdog group. Over the years since it was formed in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the TSA has faced criticism for its perceived arrogance towards ... Read More »

Romney and Ryan both believe each other should be president


On Thursday, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his former running mate Paul Ryan appeared on Fox News and were interview by Megyn Kelly. Both Romney and Ryan could not come to an agreement on who should be president, each choosing to claim the other would be better in the role. “I’ll give it to him,” said Ryan. “It’s his turn now. I’ve ... Read More »

GAO: Obama broke law over Bergdahl trade

Obama broke law over Bergdahl trade

The Government Accountability Office delivered a scathing rebuke of President Obama when it said the president plainly violated the law when he approved the transfer of five dangerous prisoners from Gitmo in order to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. When the news of the prisoner swap first broke, the president claimed it as a victory for the principle espoused by the ... Read More »

Louisiana’s Landrieu in Plane Trouble as Senate Majority Hangs in Balance

5th Annual Children Uniting Nations Conference & Gala

With only six seats standing between the Republicans and their hopes to capture the  US Senate majority in November, one key Democrat finds herself up to her ears in travel trouble. Louisiana’s three-term Senator, Mary Landrieu, was tagged last week for allegedly paying for her campaign travel with taxpayer funds. According to a CNNreport, Landrieu used Senate funding to pay for ... Read More »

U.S. military attempted to rescue James Foley


Last month, the U.S. military conducted a secret operation intended to rescue a number of Americans who were taken captive by militants in Syria. President Obama approved of the mission after intelligence agencies were confident that they had identified the location where the hostages were being held. Two-dozen specialists were dropped via aircraft in Syria in early July, however the troops were not able to ... Read More »

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