Thursday , 24 July 2014
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GAO Sting Report – Obamacare Easy to Defraud


The GAO (Government Accountability Office) leaked a report to the Associated Press ahead of yesterday’s hearing conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee confirming that the Obamacare’s system for ferreting out fraudulent insurance applications was ineffective. The undercover sting operation requested by the Committee, found that fake applications were accepted and deemed to be qualified for insurance subsidies 11 ... Read More »

Perdue to Face Nunn in Georgia Senate Race

David Perdue

On Tuesday, Georgia businessman David Perdue defeated 11-term Congressman Jack Kingston by a slim margin, marking yet another case of a long-time Washington insider put out to pasture by disenchanted constituents. When all precincts counted their ballots in the Tuesday night Republican Runoff election, Perdue won by 8,500 votes. Perdue’s campaign painted the highly successful businessman as a political outsider ... Read More »

U.S. pushing for peace in Gaza conflict


On Wednesday, the U.S. government announced that progress¬†has been made in peace talks between the Israeli government and Hamas, a¬†terrorist organization that is pushing for Palestinian self-determination. So¬†far, over 700 Palestinians and 34 Israelis have died in the newest military¬†surge in the Gaza strip. ‚ÄúUnderscoring the challenges facing international¬†negotiators shuttling around the Middle East in a high-profile bid to end ... Read More »

White House claims number of children crossing the border has dropped


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claims that the¬†number of children being apprehended along the Rio Grande border has dropped¬†this month. According to the White House, around 150 immigrant children are¬†being taken into custody per day, down from the 355 per day average seen in¬†June. ‚ÄúPresident Barack Obama discussed the decline Monday¬†afternoon with his homeland security team, including leaders from ... Read More »

President Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard trip will mark 141 days of vacationing

By the time President Obama wraps up his 16-day summer vacation¬†next month in Martha‚Äôs Vineyard, Massachusetts, he will have spent 141 days on¬†vacation. The president has been consistently criticized for taking copious¬†breaks and time away from the Oval Office, something that hasn‚Äôt seemed to faze¬†him one iota. The Average American spends a mere 3.7 days away from work¬†per vacation. While ... Read More »

White House says it‚Äôs confident it will ‚Äėprevail‚Äô in Obamacare legal fight

120309_josh_earnest_ap_328 (1)

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said on Tuesday¬†that the Obama administration would appeal a court ruling that invalidated the¬†federal government‚Äôs ability to provide Obamacare subsidies. Earnest says that¬†the White House is ‚Äúconfident‚ÄĚ that the ruling will be overturned by a higher¬†court. ‚ÄúThis will go through the legal process, and we are¬†confident in the case the Justice Department is making,‚ÄĚ ... Read More »

Investigators: Easy to fake Obamacare applications, get coverage

Easy to fake Obamacare applications

While problems with the troubled Obamacare website may not have been in the news lately, that does not mean they do not exist, according to a new report from investigators with the Government Accountability Office who say it is relatively easy to fraudulently or incorrectly receive coverage to obtain Obamacare and that the problems could cost the taxpayer‚Äôs billions of ... Read More »

Feds now calling for National Guard on border

Feds now calling for National Guard on border

Following the lead of Texas Governor Rick Perry, on Wednesday House Republicans are now calling for the federal government to deploy National Guard troops to the border along with accelerated deportation hearings for the illegal immigrants flooding and overwhelming the U.S. The proposals come from a task force created to discuss ways to deal with the issue and are intended ... Read More »

Arms at Border – TX Governor Calls Out National Guard


In an action framed by Democrats as a political stunt, Texas Governor Rick Perry, on Monday, deployed up to 1,000 National Guard Troops to the Texas border with Mexico to help quell the unprecedented flow of illegal minors crossing there. Two weeks ago, the Texas Governor met with the president while Obama was visiting the state for fundraising activities. Perry ... Read More »

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