Thursday , 21 August 2014
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U.S. military attempted to rescue James Foley


Last month, the U.S. military conducted a secret operation intended to rescue a number of Americans who were taken captive by militants in Syria. President Obama approved of the mission after intelligence agencies were confident that they had identified the location where the hostages were being held. Two-dozen specialists were dropped via aircraft in Syria in early July, however the troops were not able to ... Read More »

Mitt Romney polling well against other possible GOP candidates


A new poll shows that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is far ahead of his GOP rivals. The poll also shows that he is in the lead in terms of support from “born again voters.” “Should Mitt Romney decide to run, he would be the man to beat,” said pollster John Zogby in a memo to the Washington Examiner column, Washington Secrets. Romney ... Read More »

Pentagon: airstrikes in Iraq will be limited


On Tuesday, the Pentagon refused to say whether it would use airstrikes to help Iraqi forces take back the city of Tikrit. This comment came just one day after U.S. airstrikes were used to assist Iraqi forces in the retaking of a dam. “I’m not going to speculate about future operations,” said Rear Admiral John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman. “President Obama and U.S. military ... Read More »

Pro-McConnell group planning on spending $1.5 million


The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501 advocacy group that is backing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, has plans to spend $1.5 million on television ads in support of the Kentucky Republican. The group will spend $660,000 on a 30-second attack ad against Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic nominee in the Senate race. The group will also spend $870,000 on a ... Read More »

Obama Dispatches AG Holder to Missouri to Evaluate Tensions There


On Monday, President Obama announced that he is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri, where violence and chaos have taken over following the fatal shooting by police of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. According to a report by Politico, the President stopped short of condemning the violence and looting, calling the rioting in the St. Louis suburb a ... Read More »

President Obama questions militarization of police


On Monday, President Obama told reporters at the White House that there should be a review of programs that provide local police around the nation with surplus military equipment. “There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement, and we don’t want those lines blurred. That would be contrary to our traditions,” said President Obama. The president said that it ... Read More »

Unemployment rate rose in majority of states last month, benefits extension still not on table


The unemployment rate rose in 30 states in the month of July. While the unemployment rate is up, employers in more than two-thirds of states have increased hiring, meaning that the rate is indicative of an increase in people seeking jobs and entering the workforce. The Labor Department said yesterday that the unemployment rate fell in eight states and remained stagnant in 12 others. ... Read More »

U.S. government rethinking strategy of giving police military equipment


In light of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, federal officials are rethinking a government program that sends military equipment to local police departments across the country. “I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. Senator Claire McCaskill also commented on the response of police in Ferguson, saying that militarization has “become the ... Read More »

Chris Christie vows to help laid-off Atlantic City casino workers


On Thursday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie promised that he would do everything in his power to help those who are losing their jobs after the Revel Casino Hotel closes find new jobs. The Revel is closing after just two years in business, and Atlantic City has lost four of its casinos this year alone. “I am engaged, I am working and we’re going ... Read More »

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