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Do Boring Stocks Make for Better Buys?

Wall Street District

According to a recent MarketWatch report, banks and utilities are actually better stock buys than software and pharmaceuticals. Software and pharmaceutical stocks have always been the darling of Wall Street. These stocks tend to appreciate fairly quickly. There is a lot of buzz and hype regarding these companies. However, if you are looking for long-term value, in terms of market-to-book ... Read More »

What do layoff announcements say about the US stock market?

laid off woman sitting in office

It’s almost predictable whenever earnings season comes around, some of the earnings always involve cost-cutting. Much of the time, cost-cutting would often involve laying off people. This earnings season is no exception to this pattern. So far, we’ve heard of Schlumberger planning to cut 9,000 jobs. This is understandable because Schlumberger is the world’s largest oil services industry and the ... Read More »

Three Signs Tech Stocks Can Trigger the Next Market Collapse

stock market application

Now that the Dow Jones Industrial Average seems to be racking up records almost every single week (before dropping), it’s natural for market players to start thinking of the next phase in the market. The next phase is no surprise. We’re talking about a correction. What’s left to be determined is the type of correction. We’ve had corrections that led ... Read More »

Is U.S. Growth Strong Enough to Pull the Rest of the World Up?

uncle same offering dollars with chopsticks

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the two-year outlook for the global economy is looking bleak. In fact, it has cut its global growth forecast quite a bit recently. Things are not looking good for most of the world’s economy. One bright spot stands out, though. The United States is posting solid gains, in terms of GDP, for the ... Read More »

Upcoming Medicare Rules May Shake Up US Healthcare industry

senior being pushed on her wheelchair

The US Federal government’s Medicare program is going to be undergoing an overhaul that seeks to boost healthcare quality. While this sounds like a noble idea on paper, questions linger as to how practical and effective this renewed focus on care quality will be. Since Medicare paid out $362 billion to providers of healthcare in 2014 alone, these new rules ... Read More »

Tech Sector Boost May Herald More Stock Market Pain

Very Depressing News

After layoff announcements from eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) and American Express (NYSE:AXP)¬†, as well as gloomy economic figures from mainline industries, investors were encouraged by the earnings figures reported by technology companies. Not surprisingly, the Dow Jones industrial average managed to stay positive, thanks to the bright spot offered by the technology sector. Unfortunately, this might not be sustainable. The less than ... Read More »

U.S. Corporate Tax Reforms May Explode Local Investments

Financial accounting stock market graphs analysis

The U.S. has a tax problem. Its corporate tax rates are so high that U.S. corporations were pushed to do corporate inversions. Put simply, a company inversion happens when a company moves its legal address to another country that has a lower tax rate. This has been happening for a long time, but it grabbed a lot of headlines last ... Read More »

Braintree Integrates Bitcoin Payments

we accept bitcoin blackboard

Braintree, a division of PayPal (NASDAQ:EBAY), has completed their integration of Bitcoin into their payment processing solution. The company‚Äôs software development kit has now integrated Coinbase into its system, making Bitcoin payments fast and easy. Customers must have a Coinbase account to make any purchase using Bitcoin through the system. Braintree has announced that Bitcoin is growing in popularity. A ... Read More »

Will ECB Quantitative Easing Prevent Eurozone recession?

European Commission - Brussels

It is beginning to look like an increasing number of European economies are already caught in the grips of a recession or are poised to enter one. This appears to be the main driver for all the talk about an expected European Central Bank (ECB) decision to engage in quantitative easing (QE) to stimulate the eurozone economy and prevent deflationary ... Read More »

Chinese rally crashing amid crackdown on broker margin financing

Shanghai Stock Exchange

The Chinese equities market has benefited tremendously from margin trading. The Shanghai Composites impressive gains lately can be traced to margin trading. That’s right-instead of solid economic fundamentals, a lot of the stellar gains in the local bourse is due to heavy amounts of leverage. In fact, the Shanghai Composite Index shot up 53% last year alone. Seeking to prevent ... Read More »

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