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Why Professional Fence Signage is a Wise Investment for Your Business


Why Professional Fence Signage is a Wise Investment for Your Business

If your business needs to put up fences while you work jobs, you probably don’t think much about your fence signage. You might not even have any signage at all. What would you advertise, anyway? Will a random stranger really be interested in your services because they saw a sign on a fence?

Truth be told, fence signage can make a powerful impact on people, whether it’s a passerby or an employee. You really never know who needs what services, and by not putting up a sign, you’re going to lose potential leads.

If you haven’t put much thought into getting professional fence signage, here are several reasons to get some signage before your next project.

  1. Professional fence signage will last for many years

Professional fence signage is reusable, durable, and can be mounted in several different ways, depending on the shape and your desired mounting method. For example, you can attach signs to your fence with rivets, screws, or zip ties.

When you’re done at a job site, you can remove your sign and save it for your next project. Or, if you own your fencing, you can leave your sign on the fence. However, you might need to move your signs for your next project to make sure they face the high-traffic areas.

  1. Professional fence signage helps you market your business

Signage is one of the most effective ways to market your business. There are two ways your signage can generate business: someone will see your sign and write down your contact information, or they’ll just become more familiar with your business.

Not everyone will write down your contact information when they see your sign, and that’s okay. It’s not critical that people remember your sign word-for-word because the message will be impressed upon their subconscious.

According to statistics, when an image is paired with relevant information, people retain 65% of what they see many days later. When they encounter your brand again, your business will feel familiar, and that’s the beginning of a new lead.


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  1. Use fence signage to remind employees of safety regulations

A professionally-crafted sign with the right message can be used as a marketing tool or something to help your employees. You can use signage to direct employees to a mobile office, a restroom, or to the nearest eye washing station.

One of the best uses for signage is reminding employees of safety and security rules. For example, if your job site is a hard hat area, you’ll want a sign on the fence by every entrance that indicates such. If there are unusual or even common hazards, you’ll want signage to identify those hazards.

If your job site has hard-to-see entrances, you can direct employees to the right entrance with signage. You can also use fence signage to keep people out with “no trespassing” signs.

  1. Use fence signage to provide directions to key areas of your job site

You might have contractors who need to know where to find certain people or your main mobile office. You can use professional fence signage to direct your contractors to their destinations.

Using signage for directions is one of the most important uses. No matter how clear you are, directions can be hard to follow when someone is dealing with an unfamiliar space. Once a person enters an unfamiliar area, they’re slightly disoriented and for some people, following directions becomes a bit challenging.

Fence signage will help people orient themselves in their environment and find their way – especially if your signage includes arrows. However, you don’t have to print your signage with arrows. Since job sites change, you can get signs made with a blank space on the bottom and print arrows facing in every direction and just use the arrows you need for each project.

Professional fence signage is a powerful tool

Signage takes the place of verbal communication when nobody is around to make a verbal communication. It’s not always the ideal way to communicate, but it’s sufficient when you don’t have the time or payroll to station someone out in front of your job site all day long.

Even if you did, they wouldn’t be able to communicate everything your signage can. For example, if they yelled, “this is a hard hat area!” to every employee who walked by, they would be considered annoying. Some communications are best left to signage, while others are better made in person.

While marketing is obviously the number one reason to use professional fence signage, you can convey just about any communication with signage – the sky is the limit.

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