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Today’s Mortgage Rates at Bank of America, Sun Trust and Wells Fargo – 11/10/2014


Today's Mortgage Rates at Bank of America, Sun Trust and Wells Fargo - 11/10/2014Mortgage interest rates at major lenders are largely flat on Monday following two weeks of volatility. Purchase rates for fixed and adjustable rate mortgages are mostly unchanged, although refinance rates are edging higher.

Bank of America Mortgage Rates

Bank of America has unchanged mortgage rates on Monday. The standard 30-year fixed mortgage is published at 4.000% with a 4.137% APR. The 20-year fixed purchase loan is published at the same 4.000% interest rate with a lower 4.104% APR. Buyers can lock into a 15-year fixed mortgage today at 3.375% with a 3.558% APR.

For homeowners who want to refinance, the best rate Bank of America advertises today for a 30-year refi is 4.125% with an APR of 4.202%. A 20-year fixed refinance is quoted at 4.000% with a 4.147% APR. The most popular refinance loan, the 15-year refi, is published at 3.375% today with an APR of 3.596%.

Today’s Best Sun Trust Mortgage Rates

The best rate for a 30-year mortgage at Sun Trust today is 3.99% with an APR of 4.114%. Sun Trust advertises the 30-year FHA loan at a 3.625% interest rate with an APR of 5.264%. Jumbo loan borrowers will find the 30-year fixed jumbo mortgage published at 4.125% today with a 4.236% APR.

Sun Trust advertises a 5/1 adjustable rate loan today at a 3.1% interest rate for the first five years with a starting APR of 3.051%. The 7/1 ARM is quoted higher at 3.25% for the first 7 years with a 3.162% starting APR.

Best Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates show little movement at Wells Fargo today. The standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage is quoted at 4.125% today with a 4.209% APR. Buyers can lock into the 30-year FHA loan today at 3.875% with a 5.456% APR. The shorter-term 15-year fixed mortgage is quoted unchanged at 3.500% with a 3.647% APR. Buyers can get the best purchase rate on a 5-year FHA ARM at 3.250% with a 3.968% APR. The 7-year adjustable rate mortgage is advertised at a higher 3.375% interest rate with a lower APR of 3.117%.

In eligible areas, Wells Fargo offers conforming and FHA loans with a balance higher than $417,000. The larger 30-year fixed mortgage is quoted at 4.125% with a 4.167% APR today. The larger 30-year fixed FHA loan is published at 3.875% with a 5.409% APR.

Jumbo borrowers will qualify for the best rates. A 30-year fixed jumbo loan is published at 4.000% with a 4.028% APR. The 7-year jumbo ARM is quoted at 3.250% for the first seven years with a 3.005% APR.

For homeowners who want to refinance, Wells Fargo advertises the 30-year refi loan at 4.250% with an APR of 4.300%. The 15-year refinance, the most popular refi option, is quoted at 3.500% with a 3.605% APR. Homeowners can lock into a 5/1 refinance ARM at 3.125% for the first five years with a 2.955% starting APR. The 5/1 FHA adjustable rate refinance is published at 3.250% with a 3.491% starting APR.

Disclaimer: The rates quoted above are basically the average advertised by a particular lending company. No guarantee of taken from the lender’ aspect whether the borrower will qualify for the mortgage rates mentioned in the article. The lenders dole out interest depending upon various facets, some of which may be unique to the borrower. This website does not engage in the sale or promotion of financial products and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the quotation of interest rates.

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