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Some iPhone Users Report Battery Draining Problems after Updating to iOS 7


Some iPhone Users Report Battery Draining Problems after Updating to iOS 7

Battery Draining Problems after Updating to iOS 7The past week has been an interesting one for Apple fans out there. Last Wednesday (September 18), Apple Inc rolled out its anticipated new mobile operating system, iOS 7. As expected, the migration to the new OS was hounded by several issues, some of which were inevitable while others were surprising.

During the OS release date, many iPhone users complained because they experienced difficulty in upgrading to iOS 7. That was because Apple’s servers were overloaded as the volume of iPhone users who tried to download the new software surged. Some Internet service networks also crashed due to the unexpected influx of downloads.

Those who were able to successfully migrate to iOS 7 had a shock of their lives. That was because they had noticed that the OS features a ‘flat’ design. Some logos and icons were also replaced with unfamiliar images. However, some had reported bigger concerns especially regarding iPhone battery life.

Battery draining issues

Some iPhone users complained about depleted battery lives through social networking sites like Twitter. Some netizens thought there could be a bug that prompts iPhone 5 to drain its battery faster than it should when operating on iOS 7. Some users also noticed that charging times became longer.

However, such battery problems did not affect all iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 7. Interestingly, some users claim that they have not encountered any problem regarding battery life after downloading iOS 7 on their iPhones, especially iPhone 5 devices.

Simple solution

Some experts advise those who complain about battery issues to try doing a simple task on their devices. Users could navigate to Settings, choose General, and select Background App Refresh. Doing so would enable apps to refresh content in background.

Moreover, turning off several apps could also help preserve battery life. Among those apps that may have to be turned off while not in use are Google Maps, The Weather Channel app, Stocks app, Google Wallet, and Yahoo’s weather app.

If the battery problem would be found to be related to the iOS refresh features, it would not be the first time for that to result to battery drain. In November 2011, an iOS 5 update was released by Apple to fix a bug that tends to quickly drain battery of iPhones that upgraded to the OS. Apple has yet to make any statement about this latest battery issue.

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