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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with 5.7-inch 2K display


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with 5.7-inch 2K display

Galaxy Note 4.jpgSamsung has been dancing around the idea of adding a 2K display to a smartphone. We expected the Galaxy S5 to come with a QHD display and there are rumors the Galaxy S5 Prime will have the higher-end display, but right now Samsung has no device currently over 1080p.

The Galaxy Note 4 might be the first to adopt the new resolution, as it is already coming to the Oppo Find 7 and possibly to the LG G3. The 2560 x 1440 panels have been shown off at CES and MWC, but Samsung has shown no interest in adding it to its flagship device, possibly pointing to trouble on the manufacturing end.

Samsung normally announces the new Galaxy Note in September at IFA, and this would give Samsung enough time to build a good amount of units with the 2K display. Even if there are problems in the production end, we are sure a giant like Samsung will be able to fix that within a few months.

The Galaxy Note is also normally the higher-end of Samsung’s two flagships in the year, coming with better internals, especially in terms of the battery. This could be another reason why Samsung is looking at adding a 2K display to the smartphone to please fans who look at the Galaxy Note as the high-end mark.

Samsung will not change the size of the display from last year, sticking with the 5.7-inch screen that worked last year. We agree that 5.7-inch might be too big for some users, but for people who are fans of phablets, its the perfect size, not straying into the 6-inch market but keeping enough size to keep fans happy.

The Galaxy Note 4 should also come with Samsung’s Exynos octa-core processor or the Snapdragon 805 SoC depending on region, alongside 3GB of RAM, 16 to 64GB of internal storage, and a huge internal battery, possibly hitting 5000mAh.

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