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Operation American Spring – The Revolution Begins?


Operation American Spring – The Revolution Begins?

While main stream news media snickers and looks the other way, a group of militia members bent upon closing down Washington, DC, will converge upon the Capitol city Friday to mark the beginning of their efforts to overthrow the government as it stands today.

Operation American Spring, the brain child of retired US Army Colonel Harry Riley, has as it’s mission the restoration of the Constitution of the United States of America and the ouster of Barack Obama, Joe  Biden, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Attorney General Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi….and the list goes on to include all elected officials the group believes to have failed to live up to their oaths of office.

“We are calling for [their] removal … as a start toward constitutional restoration,” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, the leader of the group. “They have all abandoned the U.S. Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”

OAS leaders expect the protest to bring together from 10 to 30 million patriots who are fed up with the current leadership of the nation. While the group believes that the governmental machinery is sound and solid, they call the leadership corrupt. According to the group’s website, the group will replace current leaders in Washington with: “Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan.”

While the group is made up of militia members and military veterans from across the country, some of whom were there during the Cliven Bundy/BLM brouhaha last month in Nevada, the leadership plans a non-violent version of the Arab Spring in 2010 that ultimately led to the fall from power of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. The group insists that all attendees to pledge to keep the event an ‘…unarmed, non-violent, and peaceful presence by patriotic Americans…’

Non-violence notwithstanding, the protest has the support of  retired Gen. Paul Vallely, (a military expert often asked to opine on Fox News,) who told an Arizona Tea Party group in December  that if he were  called to lead a coup, he would do so. Vallele said, “If I got a call from a man who said, ‘If I give you 250,000 Marines to go to Washington, will you lead them?” to which he responded, ‘Yes, I will, I’ll surround the White House and I’ll surround the Capitol building, but it’s going to take physical presence to do things.”

Vallele, whose willingness to lead a military takeover of the U.S. might earn him the badge of traitor in the eyes of some, further stated, “I don’t want to be criticized for starting a revolution, but I’d certainly head it if we had to. We all love a good fight if it’s worth it, right?”

“For more than five years, ‘we the people’ have been writing, calling, faxing Congress, the media,  screaming in town halls, marching, rallying, demonstrating, petitioning, all to no avail,” Riley said in a  Raw Story report. “Every branch of government looks at ‘we the people’ whom they have taken an oath to serve, as ‘pests,’ interfering with their political agenda, cramping their self-serving, greedy agendas. We have  no faith in the ballot box any longer, as many believe this sacred secret box has been compromised.”

While protesters plan to remain in the Capitol until such time as their revolution is complete, ala the Occupy movement, others pooh-pooh the effort as another soon-to-be failure to bring change to government. The American Spring may, indeed, fail as did last year’s attempts by “millions” of bikers and conclaves of semi-trucks. It’s also possible that these committed men and women will be a catalyst for the revolution predicted by many.

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Viki is a political junkie, who believes that politics should never be a spectator sport. Over the years she has been a political opinion columnist for her local newspaper and an avid political blogger on the World Wide Web. In her determination to change the political environment of her small Mississippi town, she even published her own local political opinion newsletter for several years.

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