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Meet Viktoria Ivachyova – the world’s first professional bed warmer


Meet Viktoria Ivachyova – the world’s first professional bed warmer


Meet Viktoria Ivachyova – the world’s first professional bed warmer

A 21-year-old woman in Russia came up with a weird (or maybe genius?) new entrepreneurial idea and became the world’s first professional bed warmer. Viktoria Ivachyova will lie into a cold bed of a client, so the bed is warm and cozy when a client decides to go to sleep. She will lie in clients’ beds one hour before their bedtime for 4,900 rubles (£65) – or, the other option, she will work for a client every day for a month – for 94,800 rubles (£1,350). Of course, Viktoria bumps up her fees if a client’s bed is bigger, so one month of a daily warming of a king-size bed will cost £1,400.

She allows her client to enter the room while she’s there in her PJ, and she also likes having conversations with them – for she claims she’s a great listener and enjoys listening to men about their problems and issues.

But, Ivachyova has only one ground rule which she’ll stick to without an exception: no physical contact! The Russian girl protects herself carrying a panic button – in case a client gets the wrong impression and do something unadvisedly.

Reportedly, Ivachyova’s business became more than successful! Actually, she will hire more girls to meet the demands! According to her words, clients are also very satisfied with her services. She told how after listening to one depressed man, tomorrow morning he gave her a call thanking her for giving him a reason to get out of bed. “Vika, you’re magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live!” the man told Viktoria Ivachyova.

The woman told that she was inspired by a novel written by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof. In the novel, there is one character, a poet called Sergei Yesenin, who pays a female typist to lie naked in his bed every morning for 15 minutes – and to warm it up.  This ritual helps the character regain the inspiration for his writing and it certainly helped Viktoria becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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