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Kickstarter Project Facilitates Actual Blood Donation During Videogame Sessions


Kickstarter Project Facilitates Actual Blood Donation During Videogame Sessions

Kickstarter Project Facilitates Actual Blood Donation During Videogame SessionsWhat do you think of a videogame console controller that actually extracts blood from players whenever they are virtually shot? It is like actually shedding real blood whenever you are being shot in a game by your opponents?

It is not just for the fun of it. Logically, the blood extracted from players can be donated to a blood-letting organization. That would make it more significant and noble.

This technology is soon to be a reality, thanks to two advertising executives who are currently generating money to fund the mass manufacturing of this amazing gaming accessory, which would be called ‘Blood Sport.’

Blood Sport

Blood Sport is designed to actually extract blood from the arms of a player while playing a special videogame. The idea is to further persuade more people into donating blood to hospitals and medical organizations.

It works by opening the controller and plugging an input that would trigger a rumble pack. That would make Blood Sport vibrate whenever the player is virtually shot. The system in turn is plugged into a blood collection system.

There is a circuit board that determines when the machine would take blood from the player’s arm. It would also cease it if it thinks too much blood has already been extracted from the player.

Convincing supporters

The proponents of Blood Sport initially aim to take the machine to multiplayer events. The thrill would be seeing who among the players would lose the least blood. However, those participants would of course be asked to properly sign a corresponding injury waiver.

There is a target to launch this project by March 2015, to make it coincide with the anticipated launch of shooter videogame ‘Battlefield Hardline.’ The proponents of the project hope that gamers and celebrities alike would be convinced to be part of the launch.

The proponents are linked to Brand & Grotesque, which had previous projects that included ‘Surragoid’ (a fictional app allowing its users to control an arm in taking care of a virtual baby) and ‘Shoot the Banker’ (where players take control of a virtual gun pointed at a target that is dressed like a banker).

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Charles Buttner is a tech news editor and reporter.

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