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Kerry faces blowback over global warming remarks

Kerry faces blowback over global warming remarksSecretary of State and former presidential candidate John Kerry is facing blowback over his comments that global warming is the “world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction,” placing it above events such as a biological attack or a thermonuclear war.

The remarks were made by Kerry during a speech while addressing students and government officials at an American cultural center in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, over the weekend. During his speech, he likened global warming to a war, and claimed that citizens of Indonesia were the front line troops during the war.

Indonesians are “on the front lines of climate change,” Kerry said. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the entire way of life here is at risk. In a sense, climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Kerry went on to reiterate claims made by others, such as former Vice President Al Gore, who predicted the polar ice cap would be completely melted by 2013. Kerry did not address Gore’s false prediction, but went on to say that melting ice caps would continue to cause rising sea levels. According to Kerry, by the middle of the 21st century, half of Jakarta will be underwater.

There are reputable scientists who dispute that the earth is warming and even assert that the planet is currently in a period of global cooling, and among adherents of global warming, there are those who question the extent to which man is responsible for it. They point out that the planet has gone through warming spells before the advent of the industrial revolution, and point out that man could not have been responsible for these cycles. Instead, some have said solar activity and other natural phenomena is a better indication of global warming.

Interestingly, as Kerry was taking industrialized nations to task for CO2 emissions, his trip was nearly disrupted by the eruption of Mount Kelud, which disrupted air travel in the region and forced Kerry’s meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to be postponed.

Kerry’s claims that global warming is a more dangerous threat than other threats facing America today drew fire from former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who expressed disgust with Kerry’s comments in a tweet saying that for a secretary of state to make such a claim was “dangerous to our safety.” He even called for Kerry’s resignation.

“Does Kerry really believe global warming is more dangerous than North Korean and Iranian nukes? More than Russian and Chinese nukes? Really,” Gingrich tweeted. “Every American who cares about national security must. Demand Kerrey’s [sic]  resignation. A delusional secretary of state is dangerous to our safety.”

Newt Gingrich Tweet

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  1. Bill Butler

    Feb 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    As per usual, Global Warming Deniers fabricate stories and invent their own “facts”.

    The assertion
    “that the planet is currently in a period of global cooling”
    is not true.

    Despite the fantasies of Global Warming Deniers, the earth continues to warm at the rate of 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs per second – running 24/7 – including the years from 1998 to present.
    Earth’s Rate Of Global Warming Is 400,000 Hiroshima Bombs A Day
    Four Hiroshima bombs a second: How we imagine climate change
    This measured/observed warming rate is via the Argo buoy system.

    2005 was warmer than any previous year. Then 2010 broke the 2005 record. Data at:
    NOAA/National Climate Data Center

    2012 was the warmest year on record for the United States.

    Sea level continues to rise due to thermal expansion and glacial melting. The current rate of sea level rise has quadrupled since the 1870 to 1924 period.
    Columbia University

    Glaciers continue to melt, and the rate of melting has accelerated since 1998.
    World Glacier Monitoring Service

    Ocean heating has accelerated sharply since 1998. Graph at:
    Full peer reviewed paper at:
    Up to date info at:
    NOAA/National Oceanographic Data Center (click on “2”)

    And finally, November 2013 just set a record for the warmest November in history.
    NOAA/National Climate Data Center

    More at:

  2. Clint Watson

    Apr 4, 2015 at 4:27 am

    I remember way back, when an elementary teacher was giving her students myself included, some science schooling. She talked about the 3 phases in the life of a star. I think she said and I could be misremembering, that a star began it’s life as a blue star the coolest and then it progressed through a white phase and finally before it’s death, a giant red star. She told us that over it’s life span it grew larger and larger while at the same time growing hotter and hotter. But in the final billions of years it burns out and dies. “Our sun is a blue star but it has been growing all the while it’s been alive. And our sun has been around a long time a very long time, way before the planets formed and took orbit.” the teacher said. “The planets as we know them, will be billions of years gone before the sun passes out of it’s blue stage on it’s way to becoming a dying red giant.” She left us all just hanging there until the question was sprung. “What happened to the Earth?”, someone asked.
    The teacher continued, “The Earth as were all the planets, burned to a crisp by the advancing growth of our once friendly ‘little’ sun.”
    “And us humans?” Another student ventured.
    “All gone, hundreds of thousands maybe tens of millions, of years before the total blazing of the Earth and everything else in the miniscule solar system some light years away from the center of the Universe, nestled somewhere in the reaches of the cosmos which remains infinite.” Summarized Mrs. Archer.
    * * *
    Could this be? If so, then our fate is sealed. Is all the talk about greenhouse effect and global warming just elaborate hoaxes intended to make humankind believe that this process can be reversed if only we’d put our “collective minds” to it. I suppose that can be one way of avoiding worldwide mass panic.
    I mean it’s not like a huge conspiracy. Far from it. It’s more like social game that every being on Earth gets to play a role. Whether or not one is pro or con doesn’t really matter at all. Deer, mice, and any other animal, insect, or living microbe…gets to play even if they don’t know shit about it. Hell, maybe we don’t know shit about it…

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