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How Does a Criminal Lawyer Act in Personal Injury Cases?

Personal Injury Cases


How Does a Criminal Lawyer Act in Personal Injury Cases?

Today, personal injuries are one of the crimes that frequently occurs in society and puts the life and physical integrity of any person at risk. These are distinguished by personal injuries caused by accidents. Usually, personal injuries due to accidents do not result in criminal prosecution. However, in real practice, a personal injury lawyer like injury attorney Stacy Kemp handles personal injury cases that lead to criminal charges.

Criminal law encompasses various inappropriate behaviours and among them is the crime of personal injury, which is the action of causing harm to another person, an attack against their physical integrity, their health or their psychological state. The crime of personal injury is punished according to the severity of each case. As slight as it may seem, these acts are inherently sanctioned and catalogued by law, since they violate the well-being of another person.

Therefore, in this type of case, the advice of a criminal lawyer who seeks to protect the interests of his client, be it the victim or the perpetrator, is of utmost importance at all stages of a criminal complaint.

We will provide you with all the information you need to know regarding how a criminal lawyer acts in personal injury cases.

What are Personal Injury Crimes?

As we have mentioned, personal injury crimes are those acts carried out by one person towards another with the intention of causing harm, either physical or psychological. In the US these are the most common personal injury cases:

Physical or verbal abuse
Psychological disturbance
Assaults of a relative, close friend or unknown person
Minor or severe burns
Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or organ damage, among others.

The crimes of personal injury cover different minor criminal acts that have not exceeded major situations, since when the case amounts to serious consequences, it is constituted as other types of infractions, that is, the crimes of personal injury become attempted homicide or homicide when the victim dies. In this type of case, the crime is no longer a personal injury and the offender will be tried for committing a crime of homicide. For this, the resolution of personal injury cases requires the necessary documentation, procedures and formalities to corroborate the veracity of the facts.

Currently, the penalty will depend on the degree of injury caused by the person to the victim.

Physical abuse
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What is the role of a criminal lawyer in personal injury?

When it comes to personal injury crimes, it is important that the person – either the defendant or the complainant – seek the advice of a criminal lawyer who has the expertise in criminal law in order to protect and safeguard the client’s well-being. Now, the criminal lawyer is the professional in charge of studying in detail the entire process of a case – and more so when it comes to acts that are considered personal injury crimes – in order to create legal strategies that allow directing the process towards which It is the corresponding sanction and to avoid in a fair way these criminal acts within society. That is why when a person goes through any crime of personal injury, it is recommended that they go to a criminal lawyer to advise and represent them in all that this crime entails and its criminal procedures.

Therefore, a law firm specialized in criminal law, studying any case and determining what are the steps to follow to guide the entire process correctly and obtain the desired results is needed.

Commonly, the firm works on cases such as crimes of misappropriation, crimes of personal injury, sexual crimes, homicides, conspiracy to commit a crime, improper use of privileged information, human trafficking, extradition processes, domestic violence, falsehood in public documents and private, among other areas of criminal law.

We hope this information is helpful.

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