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Google Inc’s QuickOffice Turns into a Free-for-All App


Google Inc’s QuickOffice Turns into a Free-for-All App

Google Inc’s QuickOffice Turns into a Free-for-All AppInternet users who love free stuff online should rave about Google Inc’s decision to make its QuickOffice a free app for all. This would enable just about everyone to access and use selected Microsoft Office documents and programs without any cost through Android or iOS devices.

The app started being available for free in the middle of the past week. In a blog post, Google engineering vice president Alan Warren said this move would allow anyone to retrieve and edit any Microsoft Office document using any supported device. Thus, there would be greater freedom to work whatever software or hardware is used.

Integration with Google Drive

That’s not all about it. QuickOffice app would also integrate with Google Drive. The company has announced that if a user signs into Google Account from QuickOffice by September 26, he would qualify for an extra 10GB of virtual data storage for up to two years.

QuickOffice promises to make accessing and editing Microsoft Office documents easier. It would be very useful to those who are still not yet familiar with how Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides work. There is no more need to convert first the Microsoft Office copies into Google Docs files before any user is allowed to resume work.

New added features

The QuickOffice app would also introduce several additional new features. Aside from the refreshed emblem, users would also be enabled to view charts in MS Excel and PowerPoint as well as to instantly create new .ZIP folders. Most of all, the program is designed to be compatible with iOS and Android so it could work across most devices. There would be a universal version on smartphones and tablet PCs for greater versatility.

QuickOffice is now available for downloading through Apple Inc’s App Store and Google’s Google Play. Google has clarified that this free version of QuickOffice would be different and independent from previous releases, which include QuickOffice Pro as well as QuickOffice Pro HD. These two apps would cease being available starting March 31 next year. The apps are also not fully compatible with the recently released iOS7.

The company bought QuickOffice for an undisclosed amount in June 2012. The program debuted for free in iPad. Last April, QuickOffice apps were first released. QuickOffice Pro was available for download for $14.00. Meanwhile, the QuickOffice Pro HD could be bought online for about $19.99.

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