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Five Ways Integrated Security Data Can Fuel Business Intelligence

Five Ways Integrate Security Data
Five Ways Integrated Security Data Can Fuel Business Intelligence


Five Ways Integrated Security Data Can Fuel Business Intelligence

Are you looking to improve your business intelligence with an integrated security system? Cloud-based access control is gaining popularity, with 53% of businesses expected to invest in mobile access technology in the next three years.

Access control facilitates implementing an integrated security system that can provide your company with improved security data available on one interface. Read on to understand how integrated security data can improve your business intelligence.

Five Ways Integrate Security Data

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is when a business analyzes current and historical data to inform strategic decision-making and provide a competitive edge. To improve your business intelligence, you must invest in technologies that provide more accurate and extensive data that you can leverage to improve your business strategies.

Five Ways Integrated Security Data Fuels Business Intelligence

Here are the five main ways integrated security data can benefit your business intelligence and allow for a clearer vision of your business strategy.

Space Management Optimization

You can integrate access control technology with occupancy management software, which proves helpful in gaining an accurate picture of the utility of your office space. You can view detailed reports and understand how often your office facilities are used.

Space management optimization is beneficial for businesses adopting the hybrid work model. Hybrid working has become a popular work model, along with many other business outcomes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, since many employees will choose to work remotely rather than coming into the office, this indicates a need to reevaluate whether you could downsize your office spaces. Having a large office space with many unused facilities can incur unnecessary costs for your business, so you must take steps to evaluate your office space needs.

You can do this using occupancy management software integrated with your internal door locks to view access logs for spaces within your building. If you identify a large number of spaces and rooms within your office that are not being used frequently, then you should strive to downsize your office space and reduce your monthly overheads.

Integrating Cyber And Physical Security Strategies

Cloud-based security technologies and the increased adoption of the internet of things (IoT) are changing the nature of assets that need protection in a company’s security strategy. Cyber security is a necessary part of any security strategy and is now becoming a part of protecting physical assets.

Physical and digital assets are no longer distinct concepts, which means dispersed cyber and physical security teams may struggle to form a cohesive security strategy.

Companies are merging cyber and physical security strategies to address the changing nature of assets. In a converged digital and physical security strategy, businesses can better understand their overall security data.

Housing both teams together can help to improve communications, which means that security incidents will be dealt with more quickly and decisively. In addition to this, both teams can collaborate on your company’s security strategy to face the challenges posed by new cloud-based and IoT technologies.

In addition to the increased effectiveness of your security strategy, you will also be able to reduce the workload of both security teams and increase the potential to streamline your team and cut unnecessary costs.

Authenticating Permissions For Access To Restricted Areas

You can use access control to authenticate permissions to access restricted areas within your office buildings. You can establish a zero-trust security policy by limiting internal resources in your company’s office building.

A zero-trust security policy does not assume the trustworthiness of all employees and instead only offers access to those with authority to access data. This way, your company is protected from internal and external security and data breaches. Authenticating permissions allows your company to check the permissions granted to the user and will only grant access to functions assigned to the user.

Using Integrated Data To Make Quicker Decisions

With an integrated security system, you can view all security data on one interface, which has the potential to allow for quicker decisions and faster responses in your security strategy. You can also use data quality assurance procedures to ensure that all data is accurate. You can easily identify abnormal data and anomalies by comparing data with other sources.

Integrated data can also allow you to set up triggers that alert your staff to potential security risks picked up on your system, allowing them to respond more effectively, and eliminating the need for your security staff to constantly monitor security data.

Five Ways Integrate Security Data


An integrated security system has numerous benefits and can fuel your business intelligence to help you develop effective security strategies. The changing security climate offers more challenges when it comes to aligning physical and digital security strategies and facilitating the implementation of a hybrid work model. An integrated security system can help you to adapt your security strategy and future-proof your business.

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