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Five Moving Expenses to Budget for Early


Five Moving Expenses to Budget for Early

Anyone who is planning on moving knows it’s important to budget accordingly. Moving doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and there are many ways you can reduce costs (such as hiring trusted local movers who can help guide you through maximizing your budget), but it does involve spending some money.

As you prepare for your move, many expenses are obvious, while others are easy to overlook.

You don’t want to make the process of moving more stressful than it should be. To ensure you’ve budgeted correctly, don’t forget to account for such potential expenses as:

Not Getting Your Security Deposit

If you’re currently renting, you may assume you’ll get your security deposit back. Don’t make this mistake. If you operate off the assumption that your landlord will return your security deposit in a timely manner (or at all), you could end up failing to save enough money for your move.

There are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting your security deposit back, but there’s no guarantee your landlord will be cooperative. Don’t factor this money into your budget when planning a move. You can’t be sure you’ll have it on hand.

Pet Boarding

This is an expense you may incur if you’re moving locally. To ensure your  animals aren’t subjected to the stress of moving day, which can be very overwhelming, many people decide it’s best to board their pets somewhere while they complete the move.

You might consider this option. Budget accordingly if you do.

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Time Off Work

Efficiently moving into a new home is entirely possible. Again, if you hire the right movers, you may be able to make the actual process of moving into the house run much more smoothly than anticipated.

However, moving can be tiring. It’s not uncommon for the process of unpacking and getting set up in a new home to take longer than a family expects. As such, some people need to take additional time off work to complete a move.

This can be costly if you are paid hourly rates and don’t have much extra time off available. Prepare by asking your employer if you’ll be able to make up any time you missed once you’re done moving into your new home.

Hotel Costs

Not all moves take a single day. There are instances when moving is a multi-day event, especially if you are going cross-country, but it can also be true for a local move. A large number of factors can influence how long it takes to move into a new home.

Consider the possibility that you may need to stay at a hotel overnight after your first day of moving. While this hopefully won’t need to happen, you should be aware that it may.


Movers do hard work. They also do important work, making your life much easier during what could otherwise be a stressful day. It’s best to show your appreciation by tipping them accordingly.

Again, you must also budget for the expected expenses when moving, such as storage unit rental fees, moving supplies, and more. You also want to remember that there are other costs that are easy to overlook. These tips will help you avoid doing so.

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