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5 Best Proven Ways to Convert More Leads into Sales through Email



5 Best Proven Ways to Convert More Leads into Sales through Email


Any growing business needs to continuously improve its business strategies and plans to gather the right audiences. Besides training the employees and enhancing the technologies of the company, the firm should also focus on marketing techniques matters to an emerging enterprise. An effective way of meeting new clients is by utilizing online marketing. The art of digital marketing has been around for some decades. Now, it’s time to use it for your budding business. For this article, we particularly chose email marketing. Learn the importance of online marketing, specifically email marketing, and use it for your company.

The Necessity of Digital Marketing

If you soak in the surroundings, you’ll see individuals immersed in their phones—either checking social media accounts, playing games, browsing through news websites, or catching the latest gossip about celebrities. According to a study conducted by RescueTime in 2019, people devote at least three hours of their time glued on the phone daily. Whether it’s social media, news, or non-essential browsing, a lot of people spend their time using the Internet. In this modern time, many have been reliant on the web to help find what they need. Whether they’re looking for real estate properties or entertainment hubs, customers take the time to use the Internet to locate where they need to go. With that, using digital media to market the products and services of your company is an excellent step to take.

The Dawn of Email Marketing

The concept of electronic messaging can be credited to computer engineer Ray Tomlinson. In 1971, he created a system where computers sending messages is possible. Almost a decade later—in 1989—Lotus Notes released the first email software to the public. After seven years, Microsoft disseminated information about their Internet Mail. Over a couple of years, people have seen the importance of email for day-to-day communication. Businesses make use of emails to deliver memos, meeting schedules, updates, and announcements. Statista, in a recent survey, revealed that there are almost 4 billion email users around the globe. Not limited to companies and their constituents, even consumers, teachers, and students have their personal accounts to get in touch with specific people. With that in mind, making use of email marketing helps in building the reputation of your business while also converting leads to sales. So, here are the five best email marketing options you can do to improve your business revenues

Follow up on Leads

Always start by checking on your leads. Most of the time, it includes asking about their current situation, the people around them, and the questions they have concerning your business. Don’t barrage the prospect customer with different inquiries on their purchase choices. Build up their confidence and show that you care for them. Sending a friendly email and asking about the decision is a significant step to take. Moreover, give a few days before contacting the client again with regards to purchasing matters. If you keep reaching the possible customer repeatedly, they will find you annoying and will ignore the emails. Be real-time on the response to earn the trust of the potential client.

Categorize the Leads

The best way to know whether you’ll convert a lead into sales is by categorizing them into two groups, the marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and the sales-qualified leads (SQLs). For a better understanding, MQLs are those individuals who have shown an interest in the products of the company and might be willing to place a purchase. On the other hand, SQLs are people assessed by the lead generation team and marketing analysts as those with a high probability of finishing a deal. By reading the email, you can observe which ones are close to making the purchase and those hesitant or snubbing the conversation. You can decide whether to exert more effort on the MQLs or SQLs.

Align the Goals of the Sales Team

With all that set in motion, you should make sure that the people working for your company know the objectives. If the goal focuses on lead conversion, the employees should place energy on that. When the workers concentrate on the goals that need to be accomplished, the business will have a clear path. Moreover, when the enterprise needs to make use of marketing automation, the people involved should have a working knowledge of the process.

Have a Conversation

One effective way of knowing the likelihood of the lead to choose your company is by having a conversation with them. Paying attention and listening to what they’re saying will help determine where you can assist them, especially if your company has the capacity to be the one to provide the services or goods. By giving time to answer their inquiries about your business and the services, you can gain their trust and reliance on your brand. Don’t forget to pitch in the benefits of your products at the right tempo. In addition, you can ask for referrals when the current client declines the purchase of goods.

Use Data to Create a Strategic Plan

First, you collect data from the ongoing messages with the email respondents. Based on the number of responses—positive, negative, neutral—from possible clients, you can qualify the differences between those willing and unwilling to buy the products. From here, you can save time by already anticipating what kinds of answers lead to sales and which ones don’t. Furthermore, you can start creating strategic plans and workflow to counter these circumstances if they come your way. The sales process can be tricky if there are no proficient plans. So, formulate business and marketing strategies that will help the business succeed its goals.


Getting more people to check the products and services of your business can be challenging and time-consuming. It also demands effort from all the people in the company. But it doesn’t mean that your business will not receive something in return from the extra vigor placed in catching the attention of more audiences. There are different methods to get more leads and sales for the business. And using email marketing is one of them. Knowing how to maneuver this method and making use of the proper tone and language when communicating with potential can be helpful for your business. So, learn different things, explore alternatives, and be certain about the steps to take in improving the enterprise.

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