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Amazon Announces $40 Price Slash for its Kindle Fire HD Tablet


Amazon Announces $40 Price Slash for its Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Amazon Announces $40 Price Slash for its Kindle Fire HD TabletAmazon has marked down the tag price for its Kindle Fire HD by $40. That means anyone could purchase the 7-inch tablet now for as low as $160. It could be considered as an irresistible offer especially to value-conscious customers.

The price decrease could be truly tempting. But customers who are waiting for the release of the newly upgraded version of Kind Fire HD should hold their horses for the meantime. Just like in the past years, consumers are anticipating the new changes the company would introduce about its flagship tablet PC.

Not surprising

The 20% discount is not surprising at all. Many observers think the online retailer is trying to clear its inventory fast before it proceeds to unveil an updated model of the tablet. Amazon has made it its own tradition to launch a new tablet or an updated version every September. This year, it might not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the fall-season shopping spree.

The Kindle Fire HD that is sold in discounts uses dated processor. The next version would more likely feature a much faster chip to access more HD videos. The upgraded Kindle Fire HD would feature more excellent Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm. For tablet users, the upgrade would be very important as it may ensure access to more information.

The screen of the current Kindle Fire HD is already good. It is expected to remain better as it aims to match or outpace the displays of most competing tablets. However, the old or current version may not be strong to compete with Google’s Nexus 7 and Apple Inc’s iPad Mini. The new Nexus 7 is very impressive as it has a 323 pixel display. In comparison, Kindle Fire HD only has 216 pixel screen.

Many other outstanding features

What are the other features of Kindle Fire HD? It has dual-driver stereo speakers, front and rear cameras, and dual-antenna Wi-Fi for faster downloads and video streaming. It is the right tablet for doing casual activities online. Kindle Fire HD is perfect for online browsing, checking emails, and monitoring social networking sites.

The current Kindle Fire HD would still be the best for watching TV and movie downloads as well as playing favorite social or mobile games. It could be an ideal tablet for reading digital versions of magazines, newspapers, and books.

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