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72% of Americans want the truth about Benghazi


72% of Americans want the truth about Benghazi

ap390389006884_wide-16a948d807dbf34d3903A new Rasmussen Reports poll has revealed that over half of Americans want the investigation into the September 11th 2012 terrorist attack on Benghazi to continue. Americans believe that the Obama administration has not told the full story about what happened that day.

Rasmussen reports, “Most voters suspect the Obama administration hasn’t been completely forthcoming about how it reacted to the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and several other Americans in Benghazi, Libya and several other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Just over half think the Benghazi matter deserves further investigation.”

51 percent of those polled by Rasmussen Reports want the investigation to carry on. This comes right after the House of Representatives ordered a special investigative panel to look into how the Obama administration handled the crisis. The panel was created last week, and it will begin digging up details about the event.

The poll found that 59 percent of respondents think that it is unlikely that the administration has told the full truth about the Benghazi attack.

50 percent are not satisfied with the official story being told by the White House as well. A mere 32 percent of respondents are satisfied with the administration’s explanations of the events.

“Seventy-two percent continue to believe that it is important to find out exactly what happened in the Benghazi matter, with 46 percent who say it is ‘Very Important.’ Twenty-five percent consider more information about the Benghazi case unimportant, up from 19 percent in January, but that includes just 7 percent who say it is Not At All Important,’” said Rasmussen in its polling report.

These findings do not bode well for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has received much flak for her perceived mishandling of the situation. Many people believe that her actions on September 11, 2012 led to the deaths of four Americans.

Clinton’s “what difference does it make?” attitude in the wake of the terrorist attack has also damaged her reputation with voters, with many seeing her flippant nature regarding the event as insensitive to the families of the four Americans who died.

The Rasmussen poll comes right after new emails were disclosed last week showing that the White House was actively involved in blaming the attack on protests stemming from an anti-Muslim YouTube video. This was an attempt by the White House to draw public attention away from the notion that it might have been a terrorist attack.

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Patrick Rigney is a freelance writer with experience writing political speeches, radio advertisements, research works, and financial analysis pieces. He has a love of all things involving politics and history.

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