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Why You Should Consider Buying Your Home in Portland and How to Do It

Home in Portland


Why You Should Consider Buying Your Home in Portland and How to Do It

There are many reasons why people like to live and work in Portland, Oregon. The city has just about everything to offer to people living there.

Some of the reasons to live in Portland are:

Cycling – It is one of the most bikeable cities in the US. Most of the people living there prefer riding their bicycles, then using their cars. Portland boasts of some of the best cycling tracks in the country.

Community Living – People of the city stay connected with each other with a lot of community activities. If you are looking to build long term personal or business relationships, then it is surely the place for you. The city is also the place of many nonprofit organizations.

Culture – The city offers a lot of cultural activities, where everyone can join in happily and participate. You will love the pubs and happy hour culture of Portland.

Job opportunities – Portland was ranked among the 5 top places in the US to do business or to pursue professional careers. They have a vast pool of highly educated youth, and the hourly pay is more than the national average. There are many IT companies in the city, which has given it the name of Silicon Forest. Many multinational companies like Google, eBay, and Oracle have their presence in the City.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should think of living and working in Portland. You will find many more reasons when you get there.

Buying a home in Portland:

The real estate market of Portland is quite robust, which is why you must consider buying a house in Portland. You can also buy it as an investment, and earn good returns on the appreciation of property value, or on rentals.

You can get in touch with the best mortgage company like Sammamish Mortgage Corp to get good deals for funding your home purchase. The best thing about dealing with them is that they ensure complete transparency of the process. You can check out their website to track the mortgage rates on their offers.

Steps involved in buying a home in Portland Oregon:

  • You will need to know about your funding capacity or budget for purchasing your new home. Hence, the first task is to submit application forms for the pre-approval of the mortgage loan.
  • You will need to talk with loan officers of mortgage companies or banks to know about the amount that they can provide to you. It will be mostly dependent upon your income, your assets, your credit history, and also your existing loans (if any).
  • Your mortgage officer will inform you about your eligibility to get the loan with them, the loan amount that they can offer, and also about the documents that you will need to furnish for your loan pre-approval.
  • You might take a few weeks to collect all the documents that are required for getting your loan. You might have to get in touch with an accountant to get some of the paperwork done for you.
  • At this time, you will be aware of the amount that you will be getting from your lender. Therefore, you can start hunting for homes to suit your budget, while getting the documents prepared at the same time. You can speak with the builders or the homeowners. They will also have to provide you with some documents to be added with the mortgage application.
  • You will get the pre-approval from the lender, only after you submit all the required documents. They will also inform you about the interest rates at this time.
  • Once you get the pre-approval, you will be able to do the transaction with the seller. After finalizing the deal, and getting the disbursement of mortgage check, the sales deed of the property will be executed by your builder.

Thereafter, you will be provided with the keys to you enter your new home.

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