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Vape industry blows away tobacco industry in growth

tobacco industry

The electronic cigarette business is booming, thanks to a court decision and no government regulation. The boom in the vape industry, as it is commonly called, is leading to a decline in traditional cigarette smokers, according to statistics.

The vape boon since 2013 is credited to a number of factors. One primary reason is that restrictions on traditional smokers increased with fewer places available to them for their habit. Health insurance companies are also encouraging people to kick the habit with incentives for non-smokers and heavy penalties to those who do smoke.

Landowners, who have had vacant buildings since the economic downturn are offering deals to those who want to open vape stores and more potential business owners are eyeing the vape industry as a successful way to be entrepreneurs.

Numbers from 2013 show there are 3,500 vape stores in the United States, with more than a dozen stores opening up in some cities every year. The expansion took a sharp upward turn after a 2009 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision was overturned by a federal court in 2010. The FDA wanted more regulations on the e-cigarette industry. Current regulations apply only to those e-cigarettes listed as a therapeutic device, and not those listed as standard for sale for pleasure devices.

There is profit to be made for those getting into the vape business. Most accessories and vape products have a markup of between 200 and 400 percent. Some electronic pens cost $250. Some stores are bringing in $1.3 million a year. There was more than $1 billion in vape equipment and product sales in 2013.

The evidence is still out on e-cigarettes. Doctors state they are safer than smoking, but there haven’t been any long-term studies to suggest what years of vaping will do to a body. The vapors do contain nicotine, and it is generally assumed that vapor contains less chemicals than the 7,000-plus chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes. There are no regulations over the flavor mixes that go into vape smoking and that has promoted some concerns from the FDA and health officials.

Still, vaping has led to less tobacco use. There has been an 18 percent decrease in traditional smoking over the past few years. Numbers seem to be falling in the teen set as well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some health officials believe more teens are vaping and have health concerns about it. Many states do not have age regulations restricting vape use, although many stores implement their own policies not to sell to teens.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pomegranny

    May 8, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Tobacco is not technology, smoke is not vapor, and the tobacco control of the past is not wanted or needed in the present. Shaming was never an awesome thing, anyway; I smoked for 36 years, and would still be smoking had I not discovered vaping.
    Tobacco cigarettes don’t come in childproof packaging. They don’t list the ingredients, or the amount of nicotine. They don’t come in zero nicotine options – ps, this is what nonsmokers use, including teens. Nobody not already addicted likes the taste of nicotine, and no one would go from bubblegum to ash tray taste.
    Tobacco cigarettes have poisoned more children than e liquid has. They have caused more home and forest fires than improperly charge e cig (or laptop, or cellphone) batteries ever could.
    So why they torch and pitchfork hysteria over a product that is 95 to 99 per cent safer than the PROVEN, regulated by the FDA killers, burned tobacco cigarettes?
    It really is the money, from the Master Settlement Agreement the tobacco companies bribed the states with, to the Public Health drug pushers, to Big Tobacco itself losing tax money and other costs from smokers escaping tobacco. But cigarettes are sin taxed based on the harm they do. No such thing has been proven about vaping, and that’s why the FDA is studying it so carefully. So far, even though it seems suspiciously like they are trying to find something wrong, they haven’t. They won’t know for years.
    But compared to what we know those years of continued smoking would do to us, and our families, vapers are willing to risk something alot safER than cigarettes. Since we’re adults – and are allowed to smoke – why aren’t we allowed to vape?
    Because… If they had a leg to stand on, they would not be trying to spread fear and hysteria instead of truth. And if vaping was not effective, noone tied to Big Tobacco profits would be losing money, no health agency would have to pretend to be Alarumed, and common sense would lead us into FINALLY ending smoking – at no cost to the taxpayer.
    Those who oppose vaping are standing squarely on the wrong side of history. They need to go away, so we can keep protecting our children from toxic burned tobacco smoke. Don’t let them drive your loved ones back to smoking just so they can keep their sin tax gravy train rolling….over the bodies of smokers. Thanks.

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