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Nokia Corporation Sponsored Ame

$4.94 $0.05 (+0.92%)

Average Daily Volume11691600
Ask Size
Ask (Realtime)
Bid (Realtime)
Book Value3.522
Bid Size
Change & Percent Change+0.045 - +0.920%
Change (Realtime)
After Hours Change (Realtime)
Dividend per Share0.180
Last Trade Date11/1/2017
Earnings per Share-0.085
EPS Estimate Current Year0.320
EPS Estimate Next Year0.330
EPS Estimate Next Quarter0.040
Float Shares
Day's Low4.910
Holdings Gain Percent
Annualized Gain
Holdings Gain
Holdings Gain Percent (Realtime)
Holdings Gain (Realtime)
Day's High5.000
Order Book (Realtime)
52 week Low4.040
Market Capitalization27.89B
Shares Outstanding
Market Cap (Realtime)
Change From 52 Week Low0.895
Percent Change From 52 week Low+22.153%
52 Week High6.650
Last Trade (Realtime) With Time
Change Percent (Realtime)
Last Trade Size
Change From 52 week High-1.715
Percent Change From 52 week High-25.789%
Last Trade (With Time)2:48pm - 4.935
Last Trade (Price Only)4.935
High Limit
Low Limit
Day's Range4.910 - 5.000
Day's Range (Realtime)
50 Day Moving Average5.851
200 Day Moving Average6.101
Change From 200 Day Moving Average-1.166
Percent Change From 200 Day Moving Average-19.111%
Change From 50 Day Moving Average-0.916
Percent Change From 50 Day Moving Average-15.661%
Previous Close4.890
Price Paid
Change in Percent+0.920%
Price / Sales1.013
Price / Book1.388
Ex-Dividend Date5/24/2017
P/E Ratio
Dividend Pay Date6/14/2017
P/E Ratio (Realtime)
PEG Ratio0.680
Price / EPS Estimate Current Year15.422
Price / EPS Estimate Next Year14.955
Shares Owned
Short Ratio1.310
Trade Links
Ticker Trend
1 yr Target Price6.060
Holdings Value
Holdings Value (Realtime)
52 week Range4.040 - 6.650
Day's Value Change
Day's Value Change (Realtime)
Stock ExchangeNYQ
Dividend Yield3.770
As of 11/01/2017, 10:48am EDT


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Nokia Corporation Sponsored Ame NOK $4.94 $ 0.05 (+0.92%) As of 11/01/2017, 02:48pm