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Payday developer Overkill Software working on new Walking Dead game


Payday developer Overkill Software working on new Walking Dead game

overkill-the-walking-dead.jpgThe Walking Dead has spawned two video games, one using AMC’s characters published by Activision, and the other being a unique story in the same world which was developed and published by Telltale Games.

Overkill Software, the development studio behind Payday, is looking to make a third game, possibly in the same vein as the Activation failure. Hopefully, this time Overkill and Skybound will be able to get the co-op zombie survival genre right.

The statement was announced by Robert Kirkman on the Payday 2 Steam page.

Little was said about the core mechanics of the game. Under Skybound Entertainment, we cannot see why Overkill wouldn’t use different characters, as it is bound to interest fans of the series more.

It appears to be all about the gameplay, and co-op might be the only way to try it out, similar to Payday 2. This would make it a lot like Left 4 Dead, another survival horror. Hopefully Overkill recognizes the similarity and try to differentiate from Valve’s own franchise.

Survival horror is not a new genre to come up either, as DayZ, Rust, The Forest and other early access indie titles have already gobbled up a lot of the market. Overkill does state the game will “bring chaos to the traditional industry model”, whatever that means.

Overkill has slated The Walking Dead for 2016 – still a wild way off, and it looks like the developers have only begun work on the video game.

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