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Latest Recruitment Trends You Should Know About

Recruitment Trends


Latest Recruitment Trends You Should Know About

Recruitment is one of the most important functions of an organization. Some may even go the length and call it the pillar of the company on which they depend. Effective recruitment is important for the smooth functioning of the business. The trends in recruitment keep on changing from time to time.

Nobody prefers using obsolete methods for recruitment as they tend to be less effective. This article focuses on the latest recruitment trends you should know about. We have done a comprehensive research and presented the latest recruitment trends that you can adopt for your organization. Let us quickly peruse these latest trends in recruitment.

Going Mobile

Mobile is an outstanding invention. A whole world fits on a mobile phone. Everyone has a mobile. About 90% of people search for jobs online by using mobile phones. Mobile recruiting is trending as the job searches from a mobile device are more than 1 billion per month. This latest trend is flourishing since almost everyone uses a mobile phone these days for pretty much everything they do.

The next-generation candidates will comprise of 75% millennials within next 10 years. They expect the employer’s website to be attractive and user-friendly. The website must be optimised and the applications must run smoothly. Due to this, the companies are working constantly on their websites and mobile applications to ease the user experience.

As an organization, your major focus should be on interaction and outreach through mobile. The basic reason is that almost every candidate communicates via this technology in the world. This would not only improve productivity but will also make things very easy while recruiting.

Using Social Media

If you want to create a positive image of your organization, then the easiest way is to create a powerful social media presence. The modern-day candidates are smart and even they do a screening of the company before attending any interview. Therefore, your online or social media presence must be appealing to them.

There are various ways to use social media to your advantage. You can use Instagram to promote your brand or team activities. The candidates are attracted by these things. Your social media image is the first impression that they would have about you and it should be taken care of.

Moreover, you can also you this professional website like LinkedIn to put out vacancies. LinkedIn is very popular amongst the candidates and your active company page on this website would create a great impression. Make sure that you have an active presence on these social media platforms.

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Using Niche Recruitment Agencies

One of the most effective and latest recruitment trends is using a niche recruitment agency to hire personnel for your organisation. The modern-day agencies are not just involved in passing resumes or CVs. They have become more specialised and sophisticated in HR and play a very active role in the recruitment process.

Some of these niche recruitment agencies have specialisation in a particular industry. For example, if you want to recruit a software engineer but do not have technical knowledge yourself, then you can make use of a niche recruitment agency that can hire the software engineer for you. They even handle the initial screening and a few rounds of interviews to make recruitment easier for you.

There are many advantages of using the services of a niche recruitment agency. First, they take care of the recruitment even when you do not have proper technical expertise for that domain. Second, you can save a lot of time by outsourcing the initial recruitment process for these agencies. There are many other advantages to using their services for a reasonable cost and in the modern-day scenario, it makes more sense to save time and energy.

Recruit Within

Why look elsewhere if you already have the talent in-house? It would make more sense to recruit within the organisation if the employee meets the requirement. Of course, you have to option to choose from a variety of candidates by taking interviews and screening profiles. But wouldn’t they take a lot of time to get settled in the new office culture? Moreover, you will have to invest time, energy and sometimes money to train the recruits.

All these issues are solved if you just recruit from within the organisation using an experience human resources department. The employee is well-versed with the culture of the organisation and so the burden of the HR department to give orientation and explain company rules and regulation is reduced. Moreover, since the employee is already aware of most of the things for the profile, you do not need to worry about training. It’s obviously important to recruit expert HR professionals in the first place and the rest will take care of itself.

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Employees that are promoted from within become more loyal to the company and appreciative to their peers. This results in higher commitment and better productivity. All this can be achieved from within the organisation without investing to hire the new ones. Wouldn’t this make more sense?

Recruiting Remotely

The COVID situation has made us change in numerous ways. Even the recruitment process has taken a turn and adopted the latest trends. One of the latest methods or trends of recruitment is an online interview via video conferencing or online web-chats.

The company strives and progresses on the hard work of its employees. This means that effective recruitment should always be a priority – even in the times of this pandemic. Many organisations have started using video calling to conduct interviews for recruitment. This has made things easier and cost-effective.

The time-slot for the interview is informed beforehand to the candidates and therefore, more number of employees can be recruited within a short period. Moreover, there is very less expenditure associated with this method of recruitment. Recruiting remotely is beneficial to the employers and the employees too. It saves both of them from meeting in the open and exposing themselves to the danger of getting infected from this deadly virus.

Final Words

We have all changed our lifestyles during this pandemic and continue to do so. Even the companies have changed their way of operation including recruitment during this phase. Your business needs to adapt to these new methods of recruitment if you want to effectively recruit employees.

This article was focused on providing valuable information on the latest recruitment trends you should know about. We hope you found this write-up useful and that you use the information to your advantage for effective recruitment.

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