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Zimmerman Trial Continues, Gun Grip Plays Important Role


Zimmerman Trial Continues, Gun Grip Plays Important Role

Zimmerman Trial ContinuesAs the George Zimmerman trial continued on Wednesday in Sanford, Fla., some additional evidence was entered into the trial, which many experts say could refute Zimmerman’s self-defense claim, according to experts.

Media outlets have reported that the DNA of Trayvon Martin was not found on George Zimmerman’s gun grip. It has also been reported that a law enforcement expert said during the trial that Zimmerman’s DNA was not found underneath the fingernails of Martin. Media outlets said the evidence is hoped to dispute the claims of self-defense from the neighborhood watch volunteer.

Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder of Martin, who was 17. He entered a not guilty plea and says he shot the teen in the chest as self-defense, alleging the teen reached for his weapon during a fight.

The Judge’s Reaction

Judge Debra Nelson went ahead and dismissed the jurors for the Fourth of July holiday without the prosecution having rested its case. The jurors will remain sequestered. She said testimony will resume Friday morning.

Who Else Has Testified

Florida Department of Law Enforcement DNA expert Anthony Gorgone has testified that the DNA of Zimmerman was found on a shirt Martin was wearing underneath a hooded sweatshirt, according to various media reports. Defense attorney found during cross examination of Gorgone that the packaging of samples while they were wet in plastic could have degraded them.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyst Amy Siewert testified, according to reports, that testing indicated that the residue on Martin’s clothing show that Zimmerman’s gun was directly on him during the firing process.

Zimmerman Wanted to be a Policeman

According to a report from the Huffington Post, the prosecution has presented evidence that they say shows Zimmerman wanted to enter law enforcement and knew about Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law. The law says an individual does not have to back down and can kill someone in self-defense if it is necessary to save his or her own life or to prevent great bodily harm.

In a Fox News interview last year, Zimmerman said he did not know about the law. Prosecutors dispute that saying it was covered in a college criminal justice course Zimmerman had taken.

Alexis Francisco Carter, a military attorney who taught the criminal justice class, said Zimmerman received an “A” in the class. While being cross examined, Carter gave two definitions of legal concepts that may have assisted in the defendant’s case, reports indicate.


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