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Woman is living at the Changi Airport while renting out her own apartment



Woman is living at the Changi Airport while renting out her own apartment


Woman is living at the Changi Airport while renting out her own apartment

A 50 years old woman, who didn’t want to share her identity with media, has shared her story with Singapore newspaper Lianhe Wanbao. She confessed she’s been living at the Changi Airport, in Singapore for already 8 years, while she’s getting 1000$ monthly from renting her own three-room apartment.

Global financial crisis in 2008, hit her really hard, she confessed, so she decided to move into the airport – until she gets back on her feet. “At the time, I was stuck in a rut and had no other choice” she stated, explaining how it was terrifying at the beginning. But with the time, apparently, it became pretty practical living at the airport because, according to her words, an airport can provide you almost anything you need: supermarket, air-conditioning, showers, and free Wi-Fi! “I first came to the airport empty-handed, but after staying for some time, I have more things now”, the women told reporters, showing them her clothes, food, and other daily necessities.

According to Lianhe Wanbao newspapers, published by Singapore Press Holdings, the airport inhabitant is planning to move out soon and to provide a regular roof under her head. “I intend to sell the flat and apply for a smaller two-room unit, to make life easier” she explained.

The Singaporean newspapers stated how this 50 years old woman may be the most popular case now when she found her place in the media, but she’s definitely not the only person who lives at the airport. According to them, there are at least ten persons currently living there. “We will work with agencies like the Ministry of Social and Family Development, as well as Family Service Centers, to find the best way to help them” The Changi Airport Group said in a statement, explaining that the airport staff always urge people not to stay at the airport once they are spotted, but the people – apparently – don’t always obey.


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