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Tesla front trunk accessible without a key



Tesla front trunk accessible without a key

Tesla front trunk accessible without a key

In light of a recent YouTube video released, Tesla owners are learning that they cannot rely on their front truck to keep their stuff safe. With an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurring each year on average from 2003 to 2007, in the U.S., theft is not a rare occurrence and being able to protect and lock up your belongings is important.

A recent YouTube video posted by YouTube user Salomondrin, discovered that the front trunks on Tesla Model S and X can easily be opened without a key (the trunk is not opened until after the 10-minute mark). This security flaw effects models that were built after 2014.

The trunk can easily be opened with the help of just a screwdriver, report Electrek.

Surprisingly, this knowledge is not that of a criminal or some kind of secret hacker, this information is actually found in detailed instructions on Tesla’s website, explaining exactly how to do it. The system is in place in case of an emergency, it would allow first responders to cut the electrical lines if needed. The trunk allows accessibility to cut the loop of the high voltage system.

The Model X has a hidden release that is located in the front bumper, allowing the front trunk to be opened without a key. For the Model S, the same release is located just behind the front wheel of the vehicle.

Prior to the 2014 models, the releases for the front trunk were located under the glove box, on the inside of the vehicle. This meant that in the case of an emergency, emergency personnel would first have to break into the vehicle, before they were able to release the trunk.

If the car is locked and the front truck is opened up, the alarm will go off, hopefully deterring a thief in progress. Due to the fact that the system serves a legitimate purpose, Tesla is not likely to change it anytime soon.

Tesla warns vehicle owners not to keep valuable items in this storage area. While they do not publicize the method, they do warn owners not to keep valuables in the front trunk, as they do warn it can be opened. Instead, Tesla advises to use the front truck more as a short-term cargo space, like for groceries.

Owners can purchase storage gadgets and organizing boxes to make their front trunk, often referred to as a “frunk”, more practical.

The safety feature of the front trunk being accessible from the outside is one of Tesla’s best-kept secrets, that should be used only in dire need.


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