Thursday , 27 November 2014
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Apple Inc.

$119.00 $1.40 (+1.19%)

Average Daily Volume59216400
Ask Size
Ask (Realtime)0.00
Bid (Realtime)117.11
Book Value19.015
Bid Size
Change & Percent Change+1.40 - +1.19%
Change (Realtime)+1.40
After Hours Change (Realtime)N/A - N/A
Dividend per Share1.8457
Last Trade Date11/26/2014
Earnings per Share6.45
EPS Estimate Current Year7.72
EPS Estimate Next Year8.51
EPS Estimate Next Quarter1.98
Float Shares
Day's Low117.83
Holdings Gain Percent- - -
Annualized Gain
Holdings Gain
Holdings Gain Percent (Realtime)N/A - N/A
Holdings Gain (Realtime)
Day's High119.10
Order Book (Realtime)
52 week Low70.5071
Market Capitalization697.9B
Shares Outstanding
Market Cap (Realtime)
Change From 52 Week Low+48.4929
Percent Change From 52 week Low+68.78%
52 Week High119.75
Last Trade (Realtime) With TimeN/A - 119.00
Change Percent (Realtime)N/A - +1.19%
Last Trade Size
Change From 52 week High-0.75
Percent Change From 52 week High-0.63%
Last Trade (With Time)Nov 26 - 119.00
Last Trade (Price Only)119.00
High Limit
Low Limit
Day's Range117.83 - 119.10
Day's Range (Realtime)N/A - N/A
50 Day Moving Average107.653
200 Day Moving Average98.586
Change From 200 Day Moving Average+20.414
Percent Change From 200 Day Moving Average+20.71%
Change From 50 Day Moving Average+11.347
Percent Change From 50 Day Moving Average+10.54%
Previous Close117.60
Price Paid
Change in Percent+1.19%
Price / Sales3.77
Price / Book6.18
Ex-Dividend DateNov 6
P/E Ratio18.23
Dividend Pay DateNov 13
P/E Ratio (Realtime)
PEG Ratio1.34
Price / EPS Estimate Current Year15.23
Price / EPS Estimate Next Year13.82
Shares Owned
Short Ratio1.70
Trade Links
Ticker Trend ====== 
1 yr Target Price119.33
Holdings Value
Holdings Value (Realtime)
52 week Range70.5071 - 119.75
Day's Value Change- - +1.19%
Day's Value Change (Realtime)N/A - N/A
Stock ExchangeNasdaqNM
Dividend Yield1.57
As of 11/26/2014, 11:00am EST
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