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Second woman arrested in Kim Jong Un’s half-brothers death



Second woman arrested in Kim Jong Un’s half-brothers death

Second woman arrested in Kim Jong Un’s half-brothers death

On Thursday, a second woman was arrested by Malaysian police in connection with the killing of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam. It is apparent that Kim Jong Nam was poisoned.

The second woman arrested was carrying an Indonesian passport identifying her as 25-year-old Siti Aishah, according to a statement from Malaysian police. The first suspect, a woman carrying Vietnamese travel documents identifying her as 28-year-old Doan Thi Houng, was arrested on Wednesday. However, it is not immediately clear if either of the women’s identification was genuine.

The two women were identified using CCTV footage from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where Kim Jong Nam suddenly fell ill while waiting for his flight on Monday morning. The death of Kim Jong Nam has set off waves of speculation as to if North Korea dispatched a hit squad to kill the man. Kim Jong Nam was known for his drinking, gambling and complicated family life – all which lead to the speculations that a hit squad might have been involved.

An autopsy report was completed on Wednesday by medical workers, however, it was not immediately made clear if or when the findings would be released to the public.

North Korea had asked for Kim Jong Nam’s body to be returned – objecting to an autopsy. However, Malaysia went ahead with the procedure as North Korea did not submit a formal protest, said Abdul Samah Mat, a senior Malaysian police official.

Kim Jong Nam, 45 or 46, and youngest half-brother, Kim Jong Un were estranged from each other. Kim Jong Nam had been living abroad for many years and reportedly fell out of favor when he was caught trying to enter Japan on a false passport in 2001.

Kim Jong Nam died in route to a hospital on Monday after he suddenly fell ill at the airport’s budget terminal, according to two senior Malaysian government officials.

Prior to his death, Kim Jong Nam told medical workers that he had been attacked with a chemical spray while at the airport, Malaysian officials said.

Two women, believed to be North Korean agents, reportedly killed Kim Jong Nam with some kind of poison before fleeing in a taxi, according to multiple South Korean media reports, citing many unidentified sources.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un has executed or purged a number of high-level government officials in what the South Korean government has described as a “reign of terror,” since taking power in late 2011.


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