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Russia Counters Letter of Obama with a Call to Compose Antagonistic Congress


Russia Counters Letter of Obama with a Call to Compose Antagonistic Congress

Russia Counters Letter of Obama with a Call to Compose Antagonistic Congress

The overseas policy of the President, Vladimir Putin said that the administration of Obama should put huge pressure on the Congress for taming its antagonistic attitude towards Russia.

The associate of Putin, Yuri Ushakov said the reporters that Thomas Donilon, the advisor of United States National Security got a message from Barack Obama to the Russian counterpart that comprised of an offer for deepening the economic cooperation.

Ushakov told that from one side they have a constructive letter consisting of various interesting proposals and from the other end an administration that does not take much action about various figures that makes the relationship worse. They are not planning to work with the Russophobic Congress for aligning it with a surrounding of co-operation with Russia.

The earlier Cold War enemies are assisting to mend the relationships that have got worsened since Putin had returned to Presidency earlier year, with several disputes ranging from the democratic rights as well as missile defenses to strugglein Syria. About three days prior to the visit of Donilon, the administration of Obama released a listing of eighteen Russians, who are drafted in the Congress, individuals who aresubjected to the financial sanction and also banned from making an entry to the United States for playing the role in the human rights abuses, which prompted Russia to react by imposing its ban.

Ushakov told that Obama provided an option to create a new technique for the cooperation and alter the work of Presidential commission of United States-Russia. He said that the proposals which were brought by Donilon were in a contradiction to the shift to backlist the officers.

Treasury Department under the law which was pasted during the previous year known as Magnitsky Act, termed after a lawyer of Russia who accused police officers on stealing nearly 230 billion dollars from a national treasury. People who supported Sergei Magnitsky, who got arrested on the charges of tax evasion and died inside the jail in the year 2009, said that he was terribly tortured and also denied of any kind of treatment.

The Russian Overseas Ministry defied this day by releasing is listing of eighteen hours and United States officers that will be avoided from making an entry to Russia. This ban will be extended to people who are under the suspects of human right violation against the people of Russia living abroad and includes individuals that the ministry blames of torture at the Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

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