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Rise in US Car Market; Altima Beats Camry in Mid-Size Car Sale


Rise in US Car Market; Altima Beats Camry in Mid-Size Car Sale

Rise in US Car Market; Altima Beats Camry in Mid-Size Car Sale

In seventeen months, the Camry vehicle of Toyota Motor Corp. has achieved the rank of being the best-selling mid-sized car of the America, leaving behind Altima of Nissan Motor Co. along with the loss in shares of companies such as Honda Motor Co. and models of Ford Motor Co.

The sales of Camry had declined by 12 percent at the US market resulting in 37,663 units in the previous month, with as low as 100 Altima that declined in its deliveries by 8 percent, as stated by the figures revealed by the company in its yesterday report. These two sedan cars of mid-size however lost the market to its rival Honda Motor’s Accord and the Fusion from Ford, which witnessed hike in the share by 36 percent and 6 percent respectively.

The sales result which is revealed monthly was a blow for Toyota that used to be the unbeatable best seller of the country since the year of 2002 until US automakers started making a strong hold of the competitive market in decades. The stakes are about being supreme in the biggest section of US market of automakers at a time frame when the demand for light weight vehicles pushed the sales higher, considered as the highest that is witnessed in more than five years.

The automaker company of Toyota most probably failed to realize that the market is growing highly competitive, says Alec Gutierrez who is the analyst of the automobile industry and also a researcher at Kelley Blue Book. He stated in a telephonic interview that this is the finest phase of sales at the US which is expected to continue for the whole of this year.

The demand for mid-sized cars along with pickup trucks has also pushed up at the sales market of US with the ratio moving up by 3.4 percent, including auto-making companies of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Group LLC, since the time of August 2007. Al Castignetti, the vice president of Nissan’s US sales told in a telephonic interview that times have largely changed and no longer do people get to see a Camry as the winner of huge margin. With every company fighting it hard to make a hold in the market, it will be an approximately equal sales record that will get divided among all.

While in the previous month Altima made it more than Camry at US, the car model of Nissan came third in the section in this year. In the first quarter of the sales record, Camry from the Toyota Group got to sell more than 12,000 units in comparison to its rival, the Accord of Honda. The redesigned Fusion got to hold the forth rank in this year’s sales report currently.

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