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Proposal for Background Check of Gun Purchaser Fails At Senate Voting


Proposal for Background Check of Gun Purchaser Fails At Senate Voting

Proposal for Background Check of Gun Purchaser Fails At Senate Voting

Jeopardizing the plan of Barack Obama to bid for new measures of arms and guns after there was death of almost 20 schoolchildren due to gun shot at Connecticut, the Senate has overpowered the suggestion for background check of gun purchaser. The voting that took place regarding this issue witnessed a 54-46 result, with need for at least 60 percent positive voting in its favor to adopt the proposal as a measure. This voting in regard to the issue of gun control is a significant topic that had received the support of 90% people in favor of checking of background of the purchaser.

In the words of Senate leader Harry Reid, soon after the voting results were revealed, it was stated that the fight is yet to begin and it’s not going to get away. In regard to this issue, Obama also placed his views from White House. Victims of incidents of gun violence were also seen standing with him, along with the several relatives of Gabrielle Giffords who was also shot in the head in the year of 2011.

Obama states that the voting at the Senate was a distortion and manipulation where opposition from minority of lawmakers was able to block a proposal of background check, which he feels was highly needed. He says that the opposition has disagreed to the issue of background check as they feel it will create government registry of a huge structure.

Last week, the proposal of amendment in gun purchasing law was placed forward by the two senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia who is a Democrat and Pat Toomey who is a Republican. However the Senate has also refused the proposal of Obama to stop usage of weapons for assault, along with limiting the expansion of magazines related to ammunition. However to convert all these proposal into lawmaking process, there was need for 60 percent vote.

After there was gun shooting incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School of Connecticut, the debate regarding new proposals and law makings got reignited. It was reported that Adam Lanza open killed 20 children of the school along with six employees of the institution with a semiautomatic rifle of model Bushmaster AR-15. Last week, proposal for new gun safety laws and amendments came from Obama, added with barring magazines on weapons to expand.

Senate lawmakers who opposed the proposals of background check for gun purchasers feel that this will not stop the violence act or make children feel safe at school.

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