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Police honor 6-year old boy found in pond



Police honor 6-year old boy found in pond

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Police honor 6-year old boy found in pond

A Colorado boy whose lifeless body was found in a pond near the area he went missing from last week, is being honored by the local police with a wreath.

David Puckett, 6-years old went missing on New Year’s Eve. Authorities confirmed on Wednesday that his body had been found in a frozen pond.

Officers of the Aurora Police Department have placed a wreath next to the pond.  About 40 officers attended a memorial service for the child. Chief Nick Metz offered a few words of support to the child’s family.

“We just wanted you to know how devastated we are and how sad we are and we are mourning with you,” Chief Metz said. “I want you to know that, over these last few days, the members of the Aurora Police Department and so many other law enforcement involved here really wanted to find David.”

The police department also put together a video for the family in honor of the child, called Remembering David.

Authorities believe that the little boy wandered off from his home. His family and authorities held out hope for days that he would safely return home.

More than 150 people from different agencies had searched the area looking for David. Also, more than 200 volunteers had joined the search for the child. On Monday night, a K9 picked up the boy’s scent, said Chief Metz. The South Metro Fire dive team began a search for the boy in a small pond in Olympic Park, on Tuesday morning.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that we were notified by the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office that the boy who was discovered in the icy pond in Olympic Park has been positively identified as David Puckett,” police said in a news release on Wednesday.

There were no traumatic injuries identified on the David’s body during the autopsy conducted on Wednesday.  The cause and manner of his death are still pending, according to the Arapahoe County Coroner.

“An autopsy was performed today, no traumatic injuries were identified and the cause and manner of death are pending further studies and investigation,” said the police.

David has been known to wander off, police said. The child might have wandered off after an argument with one of his siblings, according to 9news.

The investigation into the death of the little boy is still ongoing. The coroner stated that further tests are needed to confirm the exact cause of David’s death.


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