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Obamacare hotline phone number to Americans: F**kYO


Obamacare hotline phone number to Americans: F**kYO

Obamacare hotline phone number to Americans F-ckYOIndividuals wondering whether the Obama administration is truly willing to listen to their concerns when it comes to their health care appear to have their answer with the government’s new Obamacare healthcare hotline which is 1-800-F**YO.

Critics of the Affordable Care Act have long said that far from being the panacea that the president has claimed it will be, are saying that instead Americans will see their choices dwindle while the cost of health care will rise under the system. The Obama administration has also dismissed the concerns of religious organizations and Christian employers such as Hobby lobby by demanding that they provide abortion inducing drugs as part of their healthcare plans, despite having religious objections to abortion. Obamacare also attempts to force religious organizations such as Catholic hospitals to likewise provide abortifacients.

In response to the various legal challenges posed by these groups the administration has steadfastly insisted it has the right to dictate its values on these organizations and that the First Amendment freedom of religion rights must take a backseat to the greater good. This has caused an uproar among the Christian community over what they see as a condescending and disdainful attitude towards her deeply held convictions.

The Obama administration now appears to have made a move that is unlikely to erase those concerns.

The official phone number the Health and Human Services Department wants Americans to call if they are seeking healthcare under Obamacare’s national call center is 1-800-318-2596, which the Daily Caller says “hopefully spelling out resident Barack Obama’s tendency to blatantly flip the bird in plain view.”

The DC notes that after allowing for the lack of alphabetical letters attached to the number one honor traditional American telephone keypad, the phone number spells out a very clear message, F**KYO.

While it is unclear at this time whether the administration intended for the phone numbers to spell out the offensive phrase, the government has taken steps that would appear to express the sentiments expressed in the phone number.

With the deadline for the mandatory purchasing of medical insurance by every American rapidly approaches on Jan. 1, the administration has issued hundreds of waivers to the law to groups that have contributed large sums of money to liberal causes. Among the beneficiaries of the exemptions are labor unions and other groups.

When the law was initially passed, it contained a provision requiring Congress and members of their staffs to obtain their healthcare through the exchanges rather than maintain their current high quality level of healthcare. The reasoning was if Congress is going to mandate that regular Americans purchase medical insurance at the very least they should have to live under the same provisions as the rest of the country. However, the law exempted the president and his staff members as well as members of the Supreme Court.

When House Republicans attempted to remedy that by requiring all government officials to live under the law’s requirements, Democrats quickly scuttled the idea. Additionally, members of Congress and their staffs are granted generous subsidies that are far greater than what the average American gets in the workforce.


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