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Obama issues order boosting state, local preparation for global warming


Obama issues order boosting state, local preparation for global warming

Obama issues order boosting state- local preparation for global warmingA new report in the Washington Times reveals that President Obama is once again attempting an end run around Congress by issuing an executive order directing the government to boost preparation in states and local communities for the impact of global warming.

Obama issued an executive order directing federal agencies to work with states to build “resilience” against major storms and other weather extremes that he claims are the result of global warming. As an example, the Times noted that the president’s order directs infrastructure projects such as bridges and flood control take into consideration climate changes of the future which he expects will result from global warming. The effect of implementing this new policy could result in requirements structures be built larger or stronger which would more than likely involve a higher price tag.

“The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification and sea-level rise — are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies and public health across the nation,” the presidential order said. “The federal government must build on recent progress and pursue new strategies to improve the nation’s preparedness and resilience.”

The president, along with other fierce advocates of global warming attempt to insist that the issue is settled science and that any critics are akin to flat-earthers. Furthermore, they resist the suggestion that if the planet is warming it is the result of natural processes that have occurred time and time again over the planet’s history. Instead, they insist the cause is the result of man-made activity.

Critics have said that adherents of global warming frequently neglect evidence to the contrary and are akin to religious zealots who denounce those who disagree with them as heretics. The claim does have some merit as global warming adherents have called for the shunning of scientists who disagree with their theory.

Frequently adherents of global warming attempt to discredit scientists who disagree with them by saying they are not real scientists. However, Dr. Art Robinson led a team that completed the Global Warming Petition Project in 2007. The Project compiled a list of over 31,000 US-based scientists who are skeptical of the theory of man-made global warming. While it is true that most petition signers are not climatologists, there are nevertheless respected scientists from different disciplines and include over 9,000 PhD’s on the list.

While the president is calling on government to prepare for global warming, regardless of the cost there is evidence to suggest that instead global cooling may be the next cause for concern.

In 2007, former Vice President Al Gore, during his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize cited a claim that the North Pole would be “ice-free by 2013.” However, now that 2013 has arrived, not only is the ice pack still there, it has increased by 920,000 square miles.


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