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Obama Clears 10 Million Dollar for Syrian Disagreement


Obama Clears 10 Million Dollar for Syrian Disagreement

Obama Clears 10 Million Dollar for Syrian Disagreement

Barack Obama approved the release of about 10 million dollars in extra aid to the rebels trying to expel the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

In anorder to secretaries of defense and state, the President today said that the United States will draw on inventories of the various government agencies to offer “non-lethal commodities as well as services along with medical and food supplies.

The President, Barack Obama at White House said to the reporters that humanitarian calamity has become worse. He also added that he along with Ban share the same view that this conflict has reached a critical stage.

Yesterday, John Kerry, the secretary of State met in London with the leaders of Syrian opposition, who seek military assistance. The United Stateshas offered over one hundred and fifteen million dollars in non-lethal aid till now.

The press secretary of White House, Jay Carney told at a briefing that the President has ordered the team of if national security to recognize extra measures to continue non-lethal aid.

Administration is discussing the various ways to establish support for the rebels who are demanding raised United States involvement in two-year struggle that has resulted in the death of over70,000 individuals. France and U.K are pushing to set a European Union arm embargoin Syria and supply rebels with equipment made in military style like anti-aircraft tools and anti-tank.

White House is reluctant to do a lot because the armscould end up with Islamic militants. It is also concerned about making the stocks of Syria safe.

The Democrat of New Jersey, Robert Menendez said that today he will be introducing a legislation to permit the United States to offer weapons to Syrian opposition.

Menendez said that the time has now come, in certain form, to offer military assistance. He also planned that the United States offer Syrian rebels intelligence and training on the assets of Assad regime.

The acting assistant secretary of the State Department, Elizabeth Jones told at the hearing of Menendez that the United States remains to be opposed to arming opposition.

Jones said that they do not think it is present in U.S. or the best interest of Syrian people to offer weapons to the opposition battalions.

At a different hearing today, the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey said that United States was readyto take extra action if such situations arise.

Dempsey said that they are ready with choices if the military force is contacted and if it can be utilized in an effective manner without worsening the situation. He added we also must be ready with choices for a dangerous and uncertain future.

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