New poll: Obama voters regret their 2012 presidential choice

New poll: Obama voters regret their 2012 presidential choice


A new Economist/ poll has shown the high level of dissatisfaction that voters have with the president. Over seven in ten people who voted for Obama in 2012 regret their decision. 55 percent of Democrats also regret voting for Obama in 2012.

This poll reflects the dissatisfaction that voters have with Obama, as his second term has proven to be less-than-sterling.

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The poll asked the question “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?”

71 percent of respondents said yes, and 26 percent said no.

Delving into the demographic layout of the polling responses shows an interesting mix of responses from various groups.

80 percent of whites asked said that they regret voting for Obama, but 61 percent of African Americans said that they did not regret their vote decision.

100 percent of Hispanics said that they regret voting for the president.

84 percent of women said that they regretted re-electing Obama, while 61 percent of men said that they have regrets about the 2012 election.

Surprisingly, 55 percent of Democrats said that they regretted voting for Obama, which displays that the president is becoming increasingly unpopular with his voting base. This may be due to the fact that the president is seen as a liability for the Democratic Party going into the 2014 midterm elections.  

Obama’s rollout of the Affordable Care Act has proven to be disastrous, and as a whole, he is a wildly unpopular president at this point in his second term. This may be cause for concern for the Democratic Party, as Obama’s damaged reputation may lead to ticket-drag come November.

Another voting block that shows deep regret for helping re-elect the president is independents, of which 71 percent responded that voting for Obama was a mistake. This is a key demographic needed in order to win any presidential election, and Obama will surely have to mend ties with independents throughout the remainder of his second term.

The YouGov poll came to the conclusion that if the 2012 election were held again, Romney would beat out Obama by around three million votes.

“In YouGov research conducted from February 6th-7th, we went about it in a slightly different way, asking people who voted for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama whether they would do it again. We found an ostensibly similar picture: 90 percent of people who voted for Romney would do it again, compared to only 79 percent of Obama voters who would,” said the poll.

While dwelling on hypotheticals regarding the 2012 election will not help the Republican Party going forward, it is interesting to see just how much the president’s reputation has been damaged since the start of his second term.

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