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Mom helps man murder and dismember her daughter



Mom helps man murder and dismember her daughter

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Mom helps man murder and dismember her daughter

A Pennsylvania man is being charged with the rape, murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend’s teenage adopted daughter. The mom is also being charged for assisting in the crime.

Jacob Sullivan, 44, was arrested on Saturday and accused of the murder and rape of 14-year old Grace Packer. Grace’s adoptive mother and Sullivan’s girlfriend, Sara Packer, 41 assisted Sullivan in the crime and then formed a suicide pact with him, according to police.

Only about three hours after the arrest of Sullivan, Packer was taken into custody and charged with homicide, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, possessing instruments of crime, endangering the welfare of a child, abuse of a corpse, simple assault, tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy to commit rape, according to police.

“The question is how could any mother do this to a child. To their child,” said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub. “I don’t have an answer. I’m bereft.”

According to investigators, Sullivan was in a polyamorous relationship with Sara and another girl. On December 30, 2016, Sullivan’s other girlfriend called 911 and told the dispatcher that she had found Sullivan barely conscious in his home. The girlfriend also told the dispatcher that she believed he might have overdosed on pills.

When asked by the dispatcher if she knew why he would do that, according to the affidavit she replied, “I don’t know if you have watched the news lately. Someone we were involved with was recently…It’s a big mess. It’s a big mess and I don’t really know how to explain it. But oh my God.”

Sullivan was taken to the hospital and treated for drug overdose. Police found a handwritten suicide note at the scene. The note read as follows:


Dear babies,

I love you all so much. You are the only people that I have always been able to count on. I’m sorry that I am taking the coward’s way out, but I don’t have any strength left in me.

People want to judge and lie and break me down. They have.

I can’t exist with Sara in jail and those f—— lying pigs and the whore media have made it impossible for us to live.

They don’t care how many lives or laws they break. I know you will always know that we had nothing to do with this no matter what lies they tell. I’m sorry to leave you. Remember all I’ve taught you. Be brave, stand tall and do your best to be stronger than I was.

I love you.



Later that night, the girlfriend called 911 again stating that she had now found Sara unresponsive in the bathroom of the home.


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