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Jennifer Lawrence Never Has a Proper Selfie with Chris Pratt



Jennifer Lawrence Never Has a Proper Selfie with Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence Never Has a Proper Selfie with Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is known for his funny and good-natured personality. And when he has Hollywood’s It girl and Oscar-winning actress for a co-star in sci-fi film “Passengers,” he decided to pull anti-famous pranks on the girl who seems to have everything during their press tour.

Recently, the actor posted a series of selfies with the equally funny Jennifer Lawrence that showed the “Hunger Games” star either cropped out of the shot or not facing the camera. The hilarious snaps appear to be an ongoing prank, earning laughs from fans and followers of Pratt’s Instagram account.

One shot showed Lawrence with her back to the camera, captioned by Pratt as him “hanging with my bestie Jen.” Another was captioned, “Finally got that selfie with Jen y’all wanted. #passengersmovie” but showed the actress nearly cropped out of the shot.

Finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted. #passengersmovie

A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

A different snap showed Pratt partially covering Lawrence, who was in the act of drinking a glass of water.

In the wake of these selfie pranks, fans may wonder how the “American Hustle” star would retaliate, considering the actress is also a hilarious prankster. Or maybe she’s in on the joke?

Despite the cropping prank, Pratt is nothing but all praises for his co-star. In one interview, he called her “truly one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.” However, he couldn’t help but stir in some humor into his recollection of Lawrence, saying that although she is a “terrible singer,” she is “a wonderful actress.”

“She acts like Adele sings,” he said. “She could just turn it on and it strikes emotion in you, like some people can just open their mouths and sing.”

Their upcoming movie, “Passengers,” focuses on the duo’s characters – 2 passengers who woke up 90 years before they’re actually supposed to while on board a spacecraft that carried thousands of people slumbering in sleep chambers on their way to a faraway planet.

Some observers have commented that the film’s plot is confusing, thanks to a recent promo clip that Sony called a “song tease.” The said footage is set to Imagine Dragon’s song “Levitate,” which some have said doesn’t seem appropriate to the movie. While the film apparently has a sci-fi theme and is promoted as a science fiction thriller, the footage seems to make the project feel like a romantic comedy.

“Passengers,” which also stars Laurence Fishburne, Michael Sheen, Aurora Perrineau, Andy Garcia, and Jamie Soricelli, will be in theaters on December 21.


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