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Indianapolis Colts Safety Arrested in Washington, D.C.


Indianapolis Colts Safety Arrested in Washington, D.C.

Indianapolis Colts Safety Arrested in WashingtonDCAnother NFL player is facing woes after a run in with law enforcement on Saturday morning resulted in his arrest. Joe Lefeged, a safety for the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested when officers found a semi-automatic pistol in the car in which he was riding.

Lefeged started four games last season and recorded two tackles and a forced fumble in a playoffs game that resulted in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in January.

What Led to the Arrest of Lefeged

Lefeged was riding in the front seat of a Chevrolet Camaro that was pursued after having fled from a traffic stop for speeding in northwest Washington shortly after midnight. After the officers smelled marijuana in the car, they found a bottle of vodka and orange juice inside the center console. Underneath the passenger seat where Lefeged was seated they located a semi-automatic pistol. Paperwork showed the Lefeged had purchased the gun earlier this year for about $900.

When they tried to run from the car in different directions, Lefeged and a fellow passenger were apprehended by police. The driver also ran from the vehicle, but was not immediately captured.

Why Was the Car Stopped Initially?

Officers said the car was stopped for speeding because one of the passengers in the vehicle was standing completely upright in the backseat of the white convertible. Reports indicate that after the driver was instructed repeatedly to put the car in park, he sped off almost striking officers who had surrounded the vehicle. Police said they recovered the Camaro nearby and arrested the NFL player as he attempted to run away from the vehicle.

Background about the Weapon Purchase

Lefeged had legally purchased the .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol in Maryland, but was not authorized to carry the weapon in Washington, D.C., which has strict gun laws. The 25-year-old NFL player grew up just outside of D.C. and was a star high school football player in the region. He played college football at Rutgers and was signed by the Colts as a free agent who was not drafted in July 2011. He is entering his third season as an NFL player.

The Charges

He was charged with a weapon charge and was being held without bond. His attorney did not return calls from the media over the weekend. The Colts issued a statement saying they will not comment on the pending matter until they get more information. A hearing is set for Tuesday.


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