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Illumina announces new genome sequencing technology



Illumina announces new genome sequencing technology

Illumina announces new genome sequencing technology

The global leader in next generation sequencing technology announced on Tuesday that the company’s new sequencing technology will one day be able to make the $200 genome possible.

Illumina, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California is known for their technology that made the current $1000 genome possible. The company’s current genome sequencing machine is the HiSeq X.

On Tuesday, the company introduced the NovaSeq Series. The NovaSeq Series is a new sequencing architecture that is expected to one day enable a $100 genome.

“We are excited to be among the first to incorporate Illumina’s new NovaSeq System into the HLI sequencing center to complement our existing HiSeq X® Systems,” said J. Craig Venter, PhD, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Human Longevity Inc. “Faster, inexpensive and innovative sequencing technology is a key component driving breakthroughs in precision medicine. This technology is also enabling HLI to expand the HLI database, the world’s most comprehensive database of genomic, phenotypic, and clinical data.”

The NovaSeq Series is the most powerful sequencer the company has ever launched. This machine has the ability to sequence anywhere from three to 48 human whole genomes per run. This will allow researchers to run test on more samples at a time or allow them to dive deeper into the study of the genome.

“The introduction of NovaSeq marks one of the most important inflection points of innovation in Illumina’s history. In the same way that HiSeq X enabled the $1,000 genome with the HiSeq® architecture first announced in 2010, we believe that future systems derived from the NovaSeq architecture we are launching today one day will enable the $100 genome and propel discoveries that will enable a deeper understanding and better treatments for complex disease,” said Francis deSouza, President and CEO of Illumina.

Illumina, Inc. produces products that are used for the life sciences, oncology, reproductive health, agriculture, and other emerging segments.

President and CEO Francis deSouza said that “by accelerating the trajectory of genomics with these systems, Illumina is making it possible to envision a future in which all people can benefit from precision medicine.”

Illumina continues to improve human health by unlocking the power of the human genome and furthering researchers the capability to continue studying the human genome.

The company was started in 1998. In 2014, the company was named the world’s smartest company by MIT Technology Review. The company has continued to produce the technology that lowers the cost of sequencing the human genome.


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