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“Grow up” says Biden to Trump



“Grow up” says Biden to Trump

“Grow up” says Biden to Trump

Joe Biden has given the President-elect some candid words of advice.

Vice-president Joe Biden has dismissed President-elect Donald Trump’s complaint on Twitter about how the Obama administration has handled the transition. When speaking about Trump on “PBS NewsHour”, Biden said that it’s “time to be an adult.”

“You’re president. You’ve got to do something. Show us what you have,” he added.

The vice presTrump as president will have to propose legislation that Congress and the public can then assess. He says it’ll be “much clearer what he’s for and against” once he’s in the position of governing.

Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump’s transition team are discussing whether they can make good on Trump’s promise of a wall on the US-Mexico border without passing new legislation.

That’s according to three congressional and transition officials with knowledge of the plan who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Under the evolving plan, the Trump administration would rely on existing legislation authorizing fencing and other technology along the Southern border. Congress would be asked to ensure that enough money is appropriated to take additional new steps — but would not pass a stand-alone bill authorizing a big new wall along the Southern border.

The approach could come as a surprise to some but could avoid a legislative fight Trump might lose.

President-elect Donald Trump will appoint former Indiana Senator Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence.

The pick could be announced later this week, according to a person briefed Thursday on the decision. The person was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Coats is a conservative who spent 16 years in the Senate. He announced his retirement last year and did not seek re-election.

Trump’s decision comes as he has been sharply critical of the nation’s intelligence agencies and has cast doubt about their conclusion that Russia was behind hacking to influence last year’s elections.

Trump on Friday will meet with directors of the FBI and CIA, as well as current DNI James Clapper to be briefed on their findings.

Access to the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump will be all about color.

Congressional planners released images Thursday of the nearly 250,000 free tickets being distributed for the inauguration. People with yellow, green or teal tickets will find themselves up front. Those with blue, orange or red will be farther back. People without tickets can assemble on the National Mall farther away from the Capitol.

The tickets will be distributed starting next week by members of Congress, who have been taking requests from constituents for months.

Those headed to the Jan. 20 event can expect tight security. Screening gates will open at 6 a.m., music will start around 9:30 a.m., and opening remarks will begin at 11:30 a.m.

That’s according to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.


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