EPA Marks Earth Day With Contrails as Director Jets Across Nation

EPA Marks Earth Day With Contrails as Director Jets Across Nation



Today is Earth Day. That means around the world, except perhaps in Asia, where most of the world’s pollution is generated, people are taking time to think about how individuals can help to reduce their carbon emissions and make the world a better place.

Yesterday, the United States Department of Environmental Protection began a seven-day five city tour of the nation to speak to people about the concept of climate change. EPA administrator Gina McCarthy will, while accomplishing the goal of reminding Americans of their duty to the planet, actually generate more carbon emissions than she can ever hope to save, according to the group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER.)

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In a statement released ahead of McCarthy’s Earth Day Tour, PEER’s Executive Director Jeff Ruch said, “Frenetically jetting around the country appears to undercut [the] EPA’s message to ordinary Americans that they should conserve, consume less, and reduce transportation pollution.”

Gina McCarthy, on a late night appearance on The Daily Show last night, praised the agency’s record, touting a 70% reduction in air pollution in the past 40 years. Nevertheless, the PEER group says that the very engaging Ms. McCarthy’s itinerary is less than inspiring in the larger picture of environmental awareness. McCarthy is scheduled to join Energy Secretary Moniz in Boston tonight to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox vs Yankee’s baseball game at FenwayPark.

According to McCarthy, Obama’s switch to eco-friendly vehicles for the presidential fleet is making a big difference in the First Footprint. We are assured that the tires on each of those vehicles is checked regularly for proper inflation pressure, one of the first points the President made in his war against pollution in this country. In her interview with Jon Stewart, McCarthy spoke briefly about President Obama’s commitment to his Climate Action Plan and joked that the first goal was to convince the Republicans in Congress that the crisis is real.

Many, including a multitude of conservatives, believe the global changes in weather and temperature may be attributed to normal fluctuations through which the planet has gone from the beginning of Earth’s history.

In light of differing scientific opinions about the reality of what was once referred to as “global warming,” but changed to “climate change” when ambient temperatures around the globe stubbornly continued to drop, there is ongoing skepticism about the environmental phenomenon.

The Washington Post ran an opinion piece earlier this year which didn’t help clear up the question, but identified a lighter side to the otherwise weighty “problem.”

The more serious side of the Climate Change debate will become reality in June when new carbon emission standards will be implemented in power plants across the nation. The Obama administration has moved ahead with these measures in spite of Congressional reluctance to do so, fearing the loss of jobs and the upward trend energy costs are likely to take in the wake of more regulation.

PEER’s Ruch asks, “Hasn’t EPA heard of Skype?”

In light of the cost and emissions created when the President travels, one might also wonder if the First Family could not also make better use of technology.

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