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Does Apple Needs to have a Hybrid MacBook


Does Apple Needs to have a Hybrid MacBook

The windows 8 hybrids seem to be in the force now. With this new trend, it is evident that Apple should start thinking about launching a new hybrid MacBook in order to take the tech markets with a profit bang. The analysts are asking the question that should Apple join the ongoing fray or should stay away? A new patent which was released by the company this week features a new laptop with a number of distinguishing features. A number of configurations have also been introduced by them which includes a touchable and a detachable display together with a base station. Both of them are able to wirelessly carry out the power and can also come to communicate wirelessly. All of this has been out forward the filing. In lines to this news, the Apple lovers are sure to get excited with this introduction, but the prime question remains the same.

This one of a kind MacBook could obviate the need for a hybrid one. The same is being said from the side of the companies like Lenovo and HP. The prime challenge here is that in terms of the tablet mode the users love to see thins faster and thinner as much as possible, but when it comes to the laptops, than a superior processing is what that is desired the most. So, are two of these paradigms reconcilable with each other or not? Well, at some level they might be. On the other hand lies the tablet made by Microsoft named as the Surface Pro Tablet. Its performance is quite close to that of a laptop which is another reason for which Apple should bring something really new. But at the same time, the Microsoft tablet is heavier in comparison to that of the iPads. So, now you all need to think that whether or not Apple would be able to put forward a device that would be superior in performance to all other gadgets in the tech markets all over the world. Moreover, do you all think that a device is needed that would be used as a tablet as well as laptop?

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