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Critics: UN Syrian weapons report “childish”


Critics: UN Syrian weapons report “childish”

Critics- UN Syrian weapons report childishWhile the Obama administration has attempted to use a United Nations report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria as proof that the government of Bashar Assad used sarin gas on his own people, critics of the report have called it “amateurish.”

WND reported that the experts who analyzed the 41 page UN investigative report say it is incomplete, “amateurish,” and according to one source the information in the report makes it impossible to construct any accurate details about the sites that were investigated.

In one location the report refers to both sites, while elsewhere the report refers to two and doesn’t address and location of the two sites altogether as having been targeted by investigators.

Additionally, there is conflicting information regarding the samples that were taken from the various sites that were used to determine whether chemical weapons were used. Analysis of the report says that some of the samples taken at the sites contain no evidence of chemical weapons residue.

While the report does not specifically assign blame for the attacks, the West has used the report as proof that the Syrian government conduct of the attacks.

However, informed sources told WND that the information in the report explains that the sarin gas was actually produced in a predominantly Sunni region of Iraq before being transported to Turkey, where it eventually was distributed to Islamist militant foreign fighters for their use.

The UN report pointed out that the rocket motor used had been found in a small crater courtyard. However, inspectors found no indication of blast damage around the crater in the warehouse was even present, analysts say.

Despite this, the UN investigators identified the munitions as 140 mm rocket fired by P — 14 multiple rocket launcher in 330 mm rockets. The identification of the rockets has raised serious questions since the Syrian military does not have either 140 mm or 330 mm rockets in their inventory.

Global Security, which provides a detailed inventory of military equipment fielded by most national armies, including the Syrian army has said it has charts that show the Syrian army fields large numbers of BM – 21s, but no BM – 14s.

Regarding the 330 mm, while inspectors found parts of one of these rockets, they were unable to match it to any known systems. Additionally, it had a tin can like warhead that does not appear to resemble anything in the Syrian army’s inventory.

Ironically, on September 17, Al Jazeera published a video of a rocket manufacturing site run by the free Syrian Army, the rebel group that the Obama administration is supporting.


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