Tuesday , 21 October 2014
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Car Insurance Too High For Low-Income Americans

Car Insurance Too High For Low-Income Americans

A study by the Consumer Federation of America has showed that none of the involved insurance companies offers a basic auto insurance policy to drivers under $500 per year. The study was done in 50 large urban locations. The press release from the Consumer Federation of America indicates that there are some of the areas that offered a basic yearly ... Read More »

Device that helps paraplegics walk again approved by FDA


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared a device designed by an Israeli entrepreneur that will help persons who are paraplegic to walk again. The Israeli entrepreneur, Amit Goffer, is himself a paraplegic and originally designed the device, sometimes called the ReWalk system, to improve his own mobility. The device has since been in usage by U.S. military ... Read More »

Vitamin D May Lower Blood Pressure


In a study published this week, researchers have discovered a link between Vitamin D levels and the development of high blood pressure. More research is needed, but scientists are now attempting to determine whether Vitamin D supplements may be used to lower blood pressure. Vitamin D is unlike many of the vitamins we regularly take. It is naturally derived because ... Read More »

NY Top Court Denies Ban on Super Sized Sugary Drinks


New York City will not be able to limit the sale of sugary drinks. In a recent decision by the New York Court of Appeals, it was determined that the city of New York and its Board of Health does not have the authority to ban the sale of sugary drinks in serving sizes larger than 16 ounces. The city ... Read More »

Watching too much television could lead to earlier death


People who watch more than three hours of television each day could be marking themselves for an earlier death when compared to those who watch far less television daily, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. A higher mortality linked to television watching was identified in the study even after the researchers took ... Read More »

Too Many Vitamins and Minerals in Cereals and Snacks are Dangerous to Young


A new report by Environmental Working Group has revealed that many fortified foods are actually dangerous to young children. By eating fortified foods as well as taking vitamins, parents are unknowingly feeding their children too many vitamins, putting their children at risk. Fortified foods are not naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, but manufacturers add them to make their food healthier. ... Read More »

Green tea and other herbs can damage the liver

Green tea and other herbs can damage the liver

Green tea extract is at the top of the list of dietary supplements most commonly associated with drug-induced liver injury (DILI), according to new clinical guidelines issued to health practitioners from the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG). The new clinical guidelines are intended to guide health practitioners on the diagnosis and management of DILI, which the ACG notes in its ... Read More »

Exposure to pesticides during pregnancy linked to autism


A new U.S. study is linking pregnant women’s exposure to pesticides to an increased risk in the development of autism in their unborn child. Researchers indicated that in their study that they noticed that pregnant women living within a mile of areas such as farms, golf courses, and other spaces where pesticides are applied showed up with an increased risk for giving birth to ... Read More »

Study Shows Pesticides Used on Corn Linked to Autism

Study Shows Pesticides Used on Corn Linked to Autism

A study conducted by the University of California at Davis has identified pesticides as a risk factor for the development of autism. Published online, it is titled the CHARGE study, which stands for ‘Childhood Autism Risk from Genetics and Environment.’  In the study, researchers were able to determine that certain commercial pesticides increased the risk of  developing autism by 60 ... Read More »

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