Wednesday , 26 November 2014
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Amazon to unveil a free, ad based Video Streaming service soon

Amazon to unveil a free, ad based Video Streaming service soon

While there’s no doubt that Netflix is the most popular video streaming service in US, Amazon is slowly catching up. However, Amazon’s streaming service, called as the Amazon Instant Video which comes bundled with Amazon Prime membership may not be enough to beat Netflix. Maybe that’s why the New York Post reports that the e-commerce giant is planning to unveil ... Read More »

PRIZM is a $129 smart context aware music player

prizm smart music player

Kickstarter has funded a lot of interesting gadgets, many of which may have never seen the light of day, if there wasn’t a concept as crowdfunding. Today, we have yet another gadget which aims to make our lives much better and easier. Kickstarter has successfully funded a new device called as the Prizm. It is a standalone music player which ... Read More »

Yahoo Replaces Google as Default Search Engine on Firefox


If you are a loyal Firefox user, don’t be surprised if you see a major change in the coming months. The default search engine in the browser is set to change from the current Google to Yahoo in the US. Yahoo confirmed this by saying that it is preparing to rollout a cleaner and more modern version of its search ... Read More »

App Store Replaces ‘Free’ Label with ‘Get’

app store

Apple Inc is following the lead of Google Inc. Cupertino has removed the word ‘free’ within its App Store and replaced it with the word ‘Get.’ Don’t get it wrong, though. The company is not pulling out those free downloads available on its app stores for iOS and Mac. The giant technology firm is just giving in to European regulators’ ... Read More »

HBO Go App now available for the Xbox One

HBO Go App now available for the Xbox One

Ever since the HBO Go app made it to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, fans have been eagerly waiting for it to hit the next generations of the console namely, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Looks like the wait is finally over, at least for Xbox One fans as HBO just announced the availability of the ... Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover Infuses Voice Control to Its In-Car Apps


Infotainment systems in vehicles are getting smarter by the day. While many car manufacturers are adopting technologies by Google and Apple, Jaguar Land Rover aims to balance entertainment and safety through its new in-car infotainment feature called justDrive. The new service was developed by CloudCar, a Silicon Valley-based technology firm. justDrive is voice activated and is part of InControl platform ... Read More »

WhatsApp encrypts users messages using TextSecure encryption protocol

WhatsApp encrypts users messages using TextSecure encryption protocol

Pretty soon, all of the messages sent and received by WhatsApp users worldwide will be encrypted for privacy reasons. This means that, it would be harder for government agencies or even hackers to look at your messages once this encryption is completed. WhatsApp currently has over 600 million active users, which means the now Facebook owned company will have to ... Read More »

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