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Far Cry 4 discusses how free multiplayer co-op will work

Far Cry 4

When Far Cry 4 was shown off at E3 2014, Ubisoft showed a new co-op experience where one player who had bought the video game could invite someone who didn’t own the video game, allowing them to play together in the world for a limited time. At San Diego Comic Con, Alex Hutchinson said that the co-op would work similar ... Read More »

Destiny beta open to everyone on Xbox One and PS4


Bungie has opened up Destiny, its new “shared world” shooter, to everyone on PS4 and Xbox One. Gamers who have not pre-purchased the new title will now be able to try out the beta for the rest of the week until Bungie finally close the gates. The beta has been Bungie’s second attempt at gaining public feedback on Destiny. The ... Read More »

EA offers Sims 2 for free with all 18 expansions on Origin

The Sims 2

Electronic Arts has announced the complete set of The Sims 2 will be available for free until July 31. In a rather generous move by EA, customers on Origin will be able to add the redeem code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS in order to grab The Sims 2 and all 18 expansion packs without dropping a single penny. EA recently announced the end ... Read More »

Battlefield Hardline delayed until 2015

Battlefield Hardline

Electronic Arts’ next step in the Battlefield series has been delayed until “early 2015.” DICE and Visceral Games both see the community feedback in the beta as a way to make the game an even better experience, but in order to create the better experience, they need more time. Battlefield Hardline was previously scheduled for an October 21 release. Pre-orders ... Read More »

Popcap preparing another Peggle game in near future

Peggle 2

EA CEO Andrew Wilson dropped a few hints on another Peggle title coming from Popcap in the near future. The CEO said in an investor call earlier today that the game had “just went through a test period in preparation for launch” in the near future. When asked to reveal details, Wilson declined to go further into the game and ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC will be GameStop exclusive

Red Hood DLC Batman Arkham Knight

GameStop now has their own exclusive DLC for Batman Arkham Knight called the Red Hood story pack, which will feature the mysterious character Red Hood. The Red Hood lore in Batman suggests this was one of Joker’s earlier disguises before changing to the form everyone is familiar with now. Some years later, Jason Todd, one of the Robins, comes back ... Read More »

Chinese team Newbee takes home $5 million in DoTA2 International 4 tournament

DoTA 2 Newbee winners

Valve’s DoTA 2 International 4 tournament has finished and Chinese team Newbee has taken home the biggest prize in eSports history, $5,028,174 split between the five players and the organization. Newbee, made up of five Chinese players Chen “Hao” Zhiha, Zhang “Mu” Pan, Zhang “xiao8″ Ning, Wang “Banana” Jiao, and Wang “Sansheng” Zhaohui, won the tournament against one of the ... Read More »

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