Monday , 22 December 2014
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Samsung working on a sub $100 Tizen based smartphone

Samsung working on a sub $100 Tizen based smartphone

In the past few years, Samsung has been busy developing its own OS called Tizen. However, as of yet, the new platform hasn’t been able to capture a lot of attention. Hence, till now, we haven’t seen many offerings from Samsung based on this new OS except for a few smartwatches. The main reason for this is the popularity of ... Read More »

Tesla to start testing battery swap technology in California

Tesla to start testing battery swap technology in California

Over the past few years Tesla has established a number of Supercharger stations throughout the country. However, even that does not guarantee that your Tesla sedan will never run out of charge during a journey. And if you find one of these charging stations in between your route, re-charging the batteries on your Tesla car won’t be quick and you’ll ... Read More »

Skype’s real-time speech translator goes live

Skype's real-time speech translator goes live

A few months back, at the Code Conference in May, Microsoft had demoed an interesting feature on its Skype app, the ability to translate multi-lingual calls in real time. Since then, the company has been busy developing this particular feature with the aim to release it soon worldwide. In this regard, the company started sign-ups for its Translator Preview Program ... Read More »

The Pirate Bay goes offline after Swedish Authorities raid Stockholm server base

The Pirate Bay goes offline after Swedish Authorities raid Stockholm server base

The popular file sharing website, the Pirate Bay is offline. It went down sometime early Tuesday and is still not accessible. While initially it was said that the website was having some technical problems, later it was confirmed that Swedish Police raided the premises hosting the pirate bay servers which directly led to the disappearance of the website. The Swedish ... Read More »

Cortana on Windows 10 desktop previewed in a video

Cortana on Windows 10 desktop previewed in a video

Microsoft wasn’t the first one to release its own virtual assistant. Apple and Siri were both well ahead of the game when they released Siri and Google Now for their mobile operating systems. It was only a few years later that Microsoft joined the party with its mobile virtual assistant, Cortana. However, it looks like the Redmond giant will be ... Read More »

Starbucks Finally Rolls Out Its Mobile Ordering App


Don’t you just hate it whenever you wait too long in line just to buy and get your favorite coffee from Starbucks? Of course, your favorite coffee chain knows what a disadvantage it could be. That is why it has never stopped in finding ways to make its customers’ lives easier. There is good news for you. The company has ... Read More »

Google Replaces CAPTCHA with Simple Checkbox Tool


Google has finally decided to simply the classic and usually annoying CAPTCHA challenge-response test. This means we have to say farewell to those ever annoying distorted phrases to be typed into a dialog box. To replace it, Google now wants its users to just answer a simple question,’Are you a robot?’ CAPTCHA is aimed at deciphering humans from spambots. It ... Read More »

Microsoft Corp Buys Startup Email App Called ‘Acompli’


Microsoft Corp has announced its latest acquisition—the 18-month-old Acompli, an email app. The giant technology firm refused to disclose the financial terms of the deal. However, some sources claim that the company spent over $200 million for the transaction. In a statement, Redmond said that the deal is part of its initiative to help consumers do more with their mobile ... Read More »

eBay Offers Doorbuster Deals from Thanksgiving Until Cyber Monday


You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home when searching for ideal Black Friday deals. Logically, there are as many attractive offers online as there in brick-and-mortar locations. And you don’t have to endure the physical stress of going to retailers’ shops and getting into long queues. Of course, when it comes to available online deals, you would ... Read More »

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