Friday , 30 January 2015
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Do Boring Stocks Make for Better Buys?

Wall Street District

According to a recent MarketWatch report, banks and utilities are actually better stock buys than software and pharmaceuticals. Software and pharmaceutical stocks have always been the darling of Wall Street. These stocks tend to appreciate fairly quickly. There is a lot of buzz and hype regarding these companies. However, if you are looking for long-term value, in terms of market-to-book ... Read More »

Be Cautious of Dollar-Sensitive Stocks

Close up of stacks of bank notes

It is easy to conclude that the stock market is going to go on a decline, at least for the short term, because of the strong dollar. If you think this way, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. The conventional wisdom is trending this way. This is also precisely why there is a lot of opportunity ... Read More »

Real Talk about Greece and the Euro

Euro Crash

With the triumph of the ultra-leftist Syriza party in Greece, it would seem that forces are in motion to eventually resolve Greece’s role, if any, in the Eurozone. A lot of traders got a boost of confidence when statements from Greece’s prime minister-elect were released, regarding Greece’s future role in the Eurozone. According to the incoming prime minister, Syriza has ... Read More »

Are Activist Shareholders Truly Beneficial?

Wall Street Financial Capital of the World

If you are going to look at the press releases of activist shareholders run by big funds or hedge funds, you would come across a familiar line. This line is so common, among these types of financial trading outfits, that you would think that they are working off the same script. The party line among activist shareholders is that they ... Read More »

Expect The Strong Dollar to Hurt Corporate Earnings Reports

US dollar with eye image

It is easy to get excited about a strong dollar. When the dollar is strong, imports are cheaper. This means input costs are more manageable, thereby freeing up a lot of space in terms of profits. This is great if your company is completely domestic. If you are dealing with a company that does most of its business within the ... Read More »

Huawei Smartphone Strategy Puts Pressure on Apple

friends listening to music

One of the open questions regarding the future of the global smartphone market involves two paths. Path one: the market becomes a race to the bottom. In other words, smartphones are primarily bought and enjoyed as interchangeable hardware devices that run on generic software. According to this thinking, smartphones are nothing but interchangeable cheap devices that enable you to access ... Read More »

Hedge Fund Bets Indicate Oil May Fall Even Lower

Falling crude prices

There are a lot of smart people in the global financial markets. They have to be smart; otherwise, the funds and the financial institutions they work for won’t make any money. One particular segment of the global financial market that tends to attract more than its fair share of unusually intelligent people is the hedge fund industry. Pay close to ... Read More »

Gold Demand Falls as Euro Rebounds

Pure gold bars

The demand for gold as a safe haven asset has fallen, thanks to the market’s reaction to the Greek elections. The anti-austerity political party in Greece won, and the market interprets this as leading to Greece staying in the Eurozone. The prime minister-elect of Greece has pledged that Greece won’t leave the single currency union; instead, the incoming new government ... Read More »

Can Cheaper Oil Derail Global Energy Efficiency?

graphic - declining crude prices

One of the key benefits of having oil priced at $100 per barrel or more is that this price makes alternative sources of energy look attractive. When oil was very expensive, wind, hydroelectric, and solar-energy projects were very competitive. In fact, many governments even issued tax credits to further lower that de facto costs of alternative sources of energy. Thanks ... Read More »

Winklevoss Brothers: Bitcoin Could Reach $1 Trillion


The Winklevoss brothers believe bitcoin is the payments network of the future. While the cryptocurrency plummeted 60% in 2014, the twins predict that its market capitalization could easily reach $400 billion. To put things into perspective, that’s about the size of the payment companies most people are familiar with, like Visa (V), American Express (AXP) and MasterCard (MA). According to ... Read More »

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